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Feedback: What is it good for? Absolutely everything?!

If you've followed my blog posts you'll notice my blog material often comes from something that has recently popped into my head. This is due to the fact that I'm a) habitually guilty of being a procrastinator as most sales people are and b) I work my best under tight deadlines.

Flexible Managers Accomplish Goals

How often do you plan your day and it turns out nothing like you expected? I can honestly say this happens to me every single day. Some days are a speed bump and others, like today, are major detours. As a manager in any industry you have to be flexible to respond to unexpected challenges.

Making the Most of the Team Huddle

For more than 125 years the team huddle has been a common denominator for football teams across the nation. Over the years businesses across the world have taken the concept of a huddle and implemented it into their daily and/or weekly agendas. In the business world these "micro-meetings" can serve as a crucial touch point

Why Surveys Matter to My Business’ Success

Does your company currently send surveys to your customers? What is done with the results? Surveys have been part of my entire career at Celebrity Staff, but it wasn't until I received a survey about a year ago that I realized the importance of surveys and the impact it has on my business and my

Are You Protecting Your Brand?

The Olympics are over and life is back to normal. No more watching handball or badminton finals at two o’clock in the morning. You know, I thought it was interesting how the media kept advertising the U.S. athletes talking about their most memorable moments of the Olympics, while all of us are wondering if Ryan

Peace of Mind

At my son's two year well check our doctor informed my wife and me that our son’s head size was off the chart. She then went on to tell us that there is a possibility that something could be growing in his head, but we shouldn't worry now but wait another six months to see

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Well it's that time of year again! Holiday decor for the month of December is already on display. I know what you're thinking. "Really? Already? It's way too early for this!" Eventually you will have to decide who you're going to give a gift to and what you're going to give them.

Shhh, Be Careful What You Say!

Do you know a person who has an excuse or complains about everything? When you talk to this person do you want to say “shhh”? I often wonder what a person feels they are gaining when they talk bad about other people or companies. I have done countless interviews in my time as a manager

How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Employees

Employees appreciate feedback – all kinds of feedback. Whether it’s constructive criticism or something on a positive note, they want to know how they're doing and where they can improve (or at least they should). As a manager/supervisor you should be giving feedback. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or anytime you feel necessary.

Hail Caesar?

So, I was flipping through channels earlier this week when I stumbled upon Gladiator, the superb movie with Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. If you haven't seen Gladiator you need to stop what you're doing and go watch it ASAP. Seriously. Stop reading this blog, and go watch it!