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Tips for Job Seekers Archive

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

In today’s job seeking world, it’s becoming more and more important to not only have a well written resume but to also have strong interviewing skills. When decision makers make the final cut they are looking for who interviewed the best, who said the "right things," and who showed the “right stuff” during the interview.

Should Parents Be Involved In Helping?

Recently, I filled an evening class for one of my clients that for most would act as supplemental income. In that class, I placed a mother who was looking for that supplemental income as well as her daughter who was looking to gain work experience. It seemed to be a great situation for both, and

Do I Have to Kiss and Tell My Salary?

A co-worker sent me an article last week written by Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, entitled, “What Did You Earn At Your Last Job?” The article made the argument that job seekers shouldn’t have to disclose their current or previous compensation with any hiring official. The article states, “Your personal financial information is your

Dressing to Impress: A Guide

Before getting the chance to shake hands or even say a word, the first thing that is noticed about you when walking into a job interview is how you dress and present yourself. Making a good first impression is half the battle when trying to land a new position. It doesn’t matter what it is

Make a Lasting First Impression

Many people pass judgment unknowingly because it is a part of human nature. As we grow up we’re engrained by others that first impressions are everything. In a competitive job market, you may only have one shot at truly standing out. Make it count!


In today’s world, everyone is constantly refreshing their apps on their smart phones, checking their email, or catching up on the latest gossip on their Twitter and Facebook news feeds. According to a poll on Marketing Chart's website, Americans are now spending more than three hours per day on social networking sites.

Steps for Success

We have all gone through the stress of job searching. It seems as though you have filled out hundreds of applications only to hear back from a handful of employers, if that. There are a few simple steps that can make all the difference when entering into the job market and are looking for a

Challenge ACCEPTED

Do you ever dread looking for a new job because of the process involved? Do you get nervous about interviewing because you aren’t sure what types of questions the interviewer will ask? Do you hate online applications and/or online personality assessments? For those of you that fall into any of those categories, this won’t be

Keep It Professional

What impression are you leaving behind as you interview for a new job? Candidates often wonder, “Did I explain my resume clearly? Did the interviewer like my response to that tough question? Did I score well on those assessments?” But what many people fail to realize is that those are not

New Year, New Career

How many of you decided that 2014 would be the year that you finally made that career change you’ve been thinking about? This past year I managed a career change of my own, and I’d like to share how I was able to do so. I asked my co-worker (that originally interviewed me)