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Tips for Job Seekers Archive

Finding Your Dream Job

How long does it take to land your "dream job"? That depends on your definition of "dream job". Perhaps it based strictly off of your salary? Maybe it is the flexibility. Is it the service you provide? "Dream job" means something different to everyone, and there's no concrete formula for how long

The Money Factor… Does More Cha Ching Make Real Sense?

Are you considering a job change? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey conducted among 2,000 employers, the future is beginning to look bright again. The data findings state that 23 percent of Midwest employers are planning to add staff now and into 2013. But, have you thought about factors driving your decision to search

Phone Interview Hang-Ups

Phone interviews are not exactly my forte; however, I’m not sure if it’s just a natural preference or if it’s because of the countless phone interviews I’ve conducted that have completely given me a less than desirable first impression of the candidate. The background noises, phone connection imperfections, interruptions, and inappropriate phone manners all make

Win Your Dream Job with a Resume that Brags

“I won! I won! Yesssss! I am awesome! Oh, yeah!” My 5 year-old son can barely contain his excitement. As he continues to jump around, arms raised high, moving the victory parade from our dining room to the living room, my oldest son Kobe, looks distraught. It instantly sunk in. He lost an all-important battle

What Is Your Resume Really Saying About You?

When applying for a new job, you have a very small window of time to make a first impression. In almost all cases, that first impression comes in the form of your resume. Your resume is probably the largest determining factor whether or not you will be chosen to interview for a position, or even

Did You Really Get That Degree?

One of the hottest stories in the staffing industry right now is the story of now former CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson.  At issue was a false academic degree listed on his resume which ultimately he did not have.  Unable to ride out the storm over this, Thompson recently resigned from Yahoo as CEO.  The

Kickin’ it Old School with “Thank You” Notes

One of your goals on the way to securing a new job should include making yourself standout in a positive light. The application and interview process has been evolving at warp speed during the past few years. While technology makes it easier than ever to apply for a job and land an interview, there is

If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marry It?

For the past 10 months, my life has pretty much consisted of helping other people find jobs and planning my wedding. I was leaving work to meet with my wedding caterer during lunch the other day and as I was walking out the door my boss said, “Remember, you have to write a blog soon.

NASCAR, Frogs, and Bunnies, Oh My! What Your Email Address is Saying About You.

Leaving an impression is good, right? Well, that depends. How, exactly, are you leaving a memorable impression? With a charming personality? Perfect. With a sharp suit and a good handshake? Fantastic. With an email address that causes an employer to do double take? Not so good.

The Great Lost Art of the Handshake

We tweet. We text. We IM, but the ultimate “Instant Messenger” in an interview is the Handshake. Technology is fantastic, but don’t be quick to dismiss the perennial stand-by for introductions; the handshake. For the most part, we’ve gone far beyond the origins of this gesture, which in Medieval times provided a way to demonstrate