Kickin’ it Old School with “Thank You” Notes

One of your goals on the way to securing a new job should include making yourself standout in a positive light. The application and interview process has been evolving at warp speed during the past few years. While technology makes it easier than ever to apply for a job and land an interview, there is one simple step you may have left by the way side that will put you ahead of the pack: a simple handwritten thank you note after an interview.

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If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marry It?

For the past 10 months, my life has pretty much consisted of helping other people find jobs and planning my wedding. I was leaving work to meet with my wedding caterer during lunch the other day and as I was walking out the door my boss said, “Remember, you have to write a blog soon. Use this as inspiration!”

I walked out the door feeling confused. How is this meeting going to inspire me to write a blog? Buts, as I was driving to the appointment, I started thinking about what she said. I began to realize that while planning a wedding and finding a job are two totally different things, they do have many similarities.

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The Great Lost Art of the Handshake

We tweet. We text. We IM, but the ultimate “Instant Messenger” in an interview is the Handshake. Technology is fantastic, but don’t be quick to dismiss the perennial stand-by for introductions; the handshake.

For the most part, we’ve gone far beyond the origins of this gesture, which in Medieval times provided a way to demonstrate the absence of weapons for the approaching parties.

From an employment perspective, we’ll focus on using the handshake as one facet of making a good impression on your interviewer, and potential employer.

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Tips for Job Searching in Today’s Job Market

The job market is tricky right now. Employers see the unemployment rate and stick with the perception that qualified candidates are available for the choosing. Job seekers are suffering the old catch-22 similar to the very first time they ever searched for work: Must have experience, but unable to get experience without a foot in the door.

And the staffing industry gets to hear both sides of the story.

So what can prospecting candidates do to improve their chances of being selected?

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How the Rules for Dating Apply to Your Job Hunt

While talking with a candidate one day, I couldn’t help but be turned off by the words and actions they were displaying. I knew they were a good candidate for some of the positions we were working on, but everything they were saying and doing told me there was no way I could set them up to interview with my client. After my chat with them, I was reflecting on the day and realized how similar job hunting is to dating. You’re trying to put your best foot forward, not stumble over half your words or yourself, or spill a drink on yourself, all while trying to seem calm and collected.

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First Impressions Start Before the Job Interview

Applying for work is like a job in itself! You have to keep track of so much information: names of the places you’ve applied, passwords for applications, names of contacts and phone numbers of each company, resumes you’ve emailed or mailed, and then there’s all that follow-up. All of this can become very tedious, monotonous and overwhelming, especially if you need that job now!

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Do you Have the Luck of the Irish When it Comes to Finding Your next Job Opportunity?

In the world of sales, it is a numbers game. The more calls a salesperson makes often equates to more sales. A person might ask, “Is there a certain number of calls a salesperson has to hit to close more deals?” Or, is it the luck of the draw? Some people may think that it is luck, but it is proven that the more activity a sales person has in their day, the more sales they will close.

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Interview Faux Pas

According to an oft repeated phrase, sometimes “the devil is in the details.” Perhaps you went to a job interview feeling you had the exact qualifications needed to ace the interview. Yet, no offer was forthcoming.

You rack your brain for what could have led to this disappointment. Was it the lack of an Ivy League college degree? Was it your recent work gap during the current recession? Was it not knowing the intricacies of PowerPoint?

Surprisingly, you may have unwittingly committed an interview faux pas. Following is a list of (surprisingly) common occurrences that can torpedo a successful interview outcome:

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