Do you Have the Luck of the Irish When it Comes to Finding Your next Job Opportunity?

In the world of sales, it is a numbers game. The more calls a salesperson makes often equates to more sales. A person might ask, “Is there a certain number of calls a salesperson has to hit to close more deals?” Or, is it the luck of the draw? Some people may think that it is luck, but it is proven that the more activity a sales person has in their day, the more sales they will close.

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Interview Faux Pas

According to an oft repeated phrase, sometimes “the devil is in the details.” Perhaps you went to a job interview feeling you had the exact qualifications needed to ace the interview. Yet, no offer was forthcoming.

You rack your brain for what could have led to this disappointment. Was it the lack of an Ivy League college degree? Was it your recent work gap during the current recession? Was it not knowing the intricacies of PowerPoint?

Surprisingly, you may have unwittingly committed an interview faux pas. Following is a list of (surprisingly) common occurrences that can torpedo a successful interview outcome:

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Job Search Secrets from a Pro

As an individual who spends my entire professional life screening, interviewing, and referencing potential candidates for a variety of industries and career tracks, I have seen first-hand the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to employment seekers. With the recently released stats that the United States has reached double digit unemployment rates, the competition is tougher than ever. However, some very simple tips can help you stand out above the crowd. Here I share my “Secrets for Success” based on thousands of successful job placements and a variety of candidate backgrounds.

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Never Underestimate First Impressions

One of my favorite recent commercials, a true piece of marketing genius, is the popular “talking stain” commercial advertising Tide’s stain-removal prowess. It features a man engaged in a job interview who is sporting a coffee stain on his very white dress shirt. The stain is so large and obvious that it distracts the interviewer to the point where all of his words sound like babble.

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Ace Your Next Job Interview

So, you’re a recent graduate? Recently unemployed? Looking for work? You’re like thousands of others. Unless, you’ve been living in a hole….under a rock….or on another planet, you know that the job market is ultra-competitive thanks to the worst financial crisis in 80 years and a 9.5 percent unemployment rate. Job hunting is a full-time job in itself, with various stages. Avoid the rejection pile by interviewing like a professional with these tips to land you the gig of your dreams (or at least one that will pay the bills).

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