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Uncategorized Archive

Kickin’ it Old School with “Thank You” Notes

One of your goals on the way to securing a new job should include making yourself standout in a positive light. The application and interview process has been evolving at warp speed during the past few years. While technology makes it easier than ever to apply for a job and land an interview, there is

Networking with Recruiters

The other day while covering our office phones, I gave a little chuckle while hanging up after chatting with a sales representative from an office supplies company. Not because the conversation was all that funny, but at the idea of a sales person fielding a sales call. When I get these calls I often wonder,

If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marry It?

For the past 10 months, my life has pretty much consisted of helping other people find jobs and planning my wedding. I was leaving work to meet with my wedding caterer during lunch the other day and as I was walking out the door my boss said, “Remember, you have to write a blog soon.

Employees Excuses Gone Too Far

"I'm going to be a little late today.” "I forgot to send out that email." "My kids are sick...again." Regardless of the industry or where the company may be, we've all heard these excuses once or twice. But are they really excuses? When is it enough? Is it something we should move past? Sometimes employees do make

Why do People Work For You?

Celebrity Staff and C&A Industries received notification that we have been selected as one the "Best Places to Work" in Omaha, Neb. for the fourth year in a row. This is an honor to win once, let alone four years running! In my 17 years at C&A, I have witnessed tremendous growth and change. We

The Downside of Delaying a Decision

“Daddy, I love you.” No response. “Daddy, I said I love you.” “Just a second, bud.” What my 5-year-old, Eli fails to understand is that I’m deeply entrenched in the current Lakers game. What I fail to understand is that Eli will not give up until he has my full attention. As Kobe Bryant cross-overs and

R.I.P. Blue Linksys Router

It had to happen eventually. My blue Linksys router, the one that everyone seems to have, is dying. The forty dollar device lasted a long time, so I have no complaints, except that now I have to buy a replacement and there is a much bigger selection than when I bought that good old Linksys.

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now

Once upon a time, I was a job seeker. Now that I sit on the other side of the desk, I realize what a horrible job seeker I was. When recruiters asked me for information, I did not want to answer. How were they going to help me? I clearly remember interviewing with a staffing

Valentine’s Day Brings Gifts of Feedback

As I write this on Valentine’s Day, I am watching many a delivery come into our office. Large bouquets of flowers, cards with loving words, and personal deliveries from family members carrying balloons and gift bags all to say, "I love you, I care about you, I want you in my life, thoughts of our

Delegating with Success

Trying to do it all is a variation on the theme of doing too much at once. When you try to do everything yourself, rather than appropriately delegating tasks that others can do (sometimes even better than you can do them), you slow yourself and your company down, as well as potentially sacrificing the quality