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R.I.P. Blue Linksys Router

It had to happen eventually. My blue Linksys router, the one that everyone seems to have, is dying. The forty dollar device lasted a long time, so I have no complaints, except that now I have to buy a replacement and there is a much bigger selection than when I bought that good old Linksys.

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now

Once upon a time, I was a job seeker. Now that I sit on the other side of the desk, I realize what a horrible job seeker I was. When recruiters asked me for information, I did not want to answer. How were they going to help me? I clearly remember interviewing with a staffing

Valentine’s Day Brings Gifts of Feedback

As I write this on Valentine’s Day, I am watching many a delivery come into our office. Large bouquets of flowers, cards with loving words, and personal deliveries from family members carrying balloons and gift bags all to say, "I love you, I care about you, I want you in my life, thoughts of our

Delegating with Success

Trying to do it all is a variation on the theme of doing too much at once. When you try to do everything yourself, rather than appropriately delegating tasks that others can do (sometimes even better than you can do them), you slow yourself and your company down, as well as potentially sacrificing the quality

NASCAR, Frogs, and Bunnies, Oh My! What Your Email Address is Saying About You.

Leaving an impression is good, right? Well, that depends. How, exactly, are you leaving a memorable impression? With a charming personality? Perfect. With a sharp suit and a good handshake? Fantastic. With an email address that causes an employer to do double take? Not so good.

The Great Lost Art of the Handshake

We tweet. We text. We IM, but the ultimate “Instant Messenger” in an interview is the Handshake. Technology is fantastic, but don’t be quick to dismiss the perennial stand-by for introductions; the handshake. For the most part, we’ve gone far beyond the origins of this gesture, which in Medieval times provided a way to demonstrate

Setting Goals & Planning in 2012

I have a room in my house that has about ten framed quotes by Ronald Regan. As January is a great time to evaluate goals, I often reflect on Regan’s quotes about setting goals, one being: “My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of

Tips for Job Searching in Today’s Job Market

The job market is tricky right now. Employers see the unemployment rate and stick with the perception that qualified candidates are available for the choosing. Job seekers are suffering the old catch-22 similar to the very first time they ever searched for work: Must have experience, but unable to get experience without a foot in

Full Disclosure Critical When Searching for ‘A Few Good Men’

I remember it like it was yesterday. Col. Nathan Jessep sits scowling from the witness stand asking, “You want answers?” Lt. Kaffee answers defiantly, “I want the truth!” “You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Awesome. Underdog Daniel Kaffee did the unthinkable. In that moment, an 11-year old me knew what he wanted to be when he

Risky Business

As a recruiter, I am in the business of helping people change. Whether it’s their choice or not, changing jobs can change a person, and certainly change a lifestyle. In my role, I have started to notice how most people will let their fears get the best of them. They settle with the cards they