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Full Disclosure Critical When Searching for ‘A Few Good Men’

I remember it like it was yesterday. Col. Nathan Jessep sits scowling from the witness stand asking, “You want answers?” Lt. Kaffee answers defiantly, “I want the truth!” “You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Awesome. Underdog Daniel Kaffee did the unthinkable. In that moment, an 11-year old me knew what he wanted to be when he

Risky Business

As a recruiter, I am in the business of helping people change. Whether it’s their choice or not, changing jobs can change a person, and certainly change a lifestyle. In my role, I have started to notice how most people will let their fears get the best of them. They settle with the cards they

The Incredible Shrinking Candidate Pool

If you haven’t heard, the world’s population just surpassed 7 billion people. The national unemployment rate has also largely remained unchanged around 9.1% since July 2011. So it’s reasonable to conclude that you’ll continue to have an uninterrupted supply of great candidates for your positions, right? Unfortunately, no you can’t.

How the Rules for Dating Apply to Your Job Hunt

While talking with a candidate one day, I couldn’t help but be turned off by the words and actions they were displaying. I knew they were a good candidate for some of the positions we were working on, but everything they were saying and doing told me there was no way I could set

PUSH or PULL Your Way to Success

Do you push or pull your employees? Let me explain what I mean by describing "pushers" and "pullers". Pushers use deadlines and required benchmarks to motivate employees. Pushers are vocal and provide feedback, but most often when things aren’t going well. They also tend to be very reactive when handling situations. Employees avoid interaction with

First Impressions Start Before the Job Interview

Applying for work is like a job in itself! You have to keep track of so much information: names of the places you’ve applied, passwords for applications, names of contacts and phone numbers of each company, resumes you’ve emailed or mailed, and then there’s all that follow-up. All of this can become very tedious, monotonous

Hiring Mistakes? Never!

Making the right hiring decisions is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Hire a great customer service person, you have happy customers and happy customers can make your business. Hire a bad customer service representative, and your company has a bad reputation and you lose your customers. Hire an

Let’s go Have Some Fun in the Sun!

Summer is here! Heat, humidity, and days when we all look out the window wishing we were out at a ball game, on the golf course, or out at the pool. Many of us save those beloved vacation/PTO days to use during the summer when the days are long and there is lots to do

The Importance of Worksite Wellness

In the United States, annual obesity-related medical costs are estimated to be $1.5 billion dollars; $626 million are Medicaid and Medicare expenditures. Being overweight, and especially being obese, increases the risk of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some cancers, arthritis, etc. These illnesses are linked by common risk factors associated with

Jedi Mind Tricks at Work

Complaints at work. We’ve all got ‘em, we’ve all heard ‘em. Some of this might sound familiar. Susie is always late. Bob talks too much. Joe makes a lot of mistakes and no one does anything about it. Anne uses her cell phone even though it is against policy. The complaints go on and on .