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Working with Celebrity Staff Archive

Planning Your Staffing Needs for the New Year

The New Year is almost upon us and if the end of 2014 is any indication, there are clear signs that business is on an upward trend and candidates are slim to none. It's the time of year when you need to think past the holidays, the holiday parties, and the requests off. Start putting

Getting the Most Out of Your Recruiter

I was out to lunch the other day and overheard some people talking about how they would never use a recruiter to find a job and how the last recruiter one of the people used sabotaged her chance at a position. A few things went through my mind - why wouldn’t you use a recruiter

Help Me, Help You!

One thing that a lot of us don't get enough of is feedback. Whether that's at work, about a certain task you've completed, from a manager or peer, or maybe at home cooking dinner (some of us don't want that feedback). Whatever the case is, feedback is an ideal part of your life! Whether it’s

Let’s Work Together

When you are making a decision to hire a staffing service, do you really know the commitment you have made? You have made a commitment to work with a team to find your next top talent.

Temporary Assignments: Consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to do one and take it!

All too many people think utilizing a staffing service is frowned upon or that they can "find a job on their own." I've never understood this. Don't people realize that some companies rely SOLELY on staffing services for their hiring needs? Some companies won't even hire on their own without using a staffing service.

Clearing Up Staffing Firm Misconceptions

How many people are aware that staffing services exist? Do those people know what a staffing firm does and has to offer? I am a newbie at Celebrity Staff and I wasn’t aware that a company like this was available. I often wonder how many jobseekers or students preparing to graduate college have heard about

You Wouldn’t Settle On A Restaurant With ‘Okay’ Food And Bad Servers So Why Settle On A Staffing Service?

There are so many things in life that people settle on. Some are less important things such as where to eat for dinner or what color shirt to buy. Then there are more crucial aspects of life such as the car you drive, the house you live in, or where you work.

Temporary Opportunities. What’s the Harm?

It's well known that the nation’s unemployment rate is declining, but not everyone pays attention to the comparable data that truly paints a picture of unemployment trends over months or even years. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics identified the unemployment rate hovering just below 8 percent (7.9 percent to be exact) in October 2012.

One Strike, Two Strikes – You’re Out!

Speed is everything in the staffing world. As an account manager/recruiter my job is to move candidates through the on boarding process as quick as possible. Why is that? Well, my clients expect to see top talent right away, not next week, not next month, today! So where does this, "one strike, two strikes –

Behind Closed Doors

From my experience, people don’t always know what they want. Wants are too hard to articulate and we try to justify every decision. We say we want one thing, and then we are left unsatisfied. This got me thinking about the candidates I interview. As a recruiter, I am constantly trying to find that perfect fit