Jonathan Miller, Celebrity Staff Profile: Jonathan Miller

Celebrity Staff Profile: Jonathan Miller

“We’re all just people, and people get intimidated. But we all put our pants on the same way, we all get up the same way. Don’t let the pressure get to you or intimidate you.”

Jonathan Miller, Celebrity Staff Profile: Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller is an Account Manager at Celebrity Staff. As one of our newest Account Managers, Jon is notorious for going above and beyond to help his clients and candidates. He always gives the best he has to offer, sees each task and challenge through to the end, and more importantly, does it all with a smile and a joke or two.

“I really want to know if there are aliens. No, I’m just kidding, I want to know what really connects people. Why do some people stay in relationships that are unsuccessful? How do people see themselves?”

As an Account Manager, Jon spends his day helping people reach their own version of success, encouraging them, and helping to develop them. It’s often hard to pry Jon away from his desk. There’s always one more call to make or one more person to speak to at the end of the day.

“I love that in the staffing industry I have the ability to impact people’s lives. I can help them see their personal worth and really blossom.”

Jonathan cites his father and one former manager as his biggest influence. They’ve helped him see the bigger picture, learn not to narrow in on emotions, and never be afraid of a challenge. It’s something he keeps in mind professionally, but also when it comes to being at home with his family.

“I’m so proud of my girls. They’re growing up so fast. I’m always getting compliments on them. I’d like to think that they’re growing up and becoming understanding, responsible, fantastic, confident women.”

Jonathan is resilient, he takes challenges and not only overcomes, but he thrives. He has taken the fears that are typically associated with cold calling busy professionals all day and he has made his role his own, handling any bump in the road with grace, care, humility, and a little humor.

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Jonathan Miller, Celebrity Staff Profile: Jonathan Miller

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