Lauren Miller, Celebrity Staff Profile: Lauren Miller

Celebrity Staff Profile: Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller is a confidentcapable, and dedicated professional.

It’s not odd to hear the office abuzz with the latest story about how Lauren went above and beyond for her candidates. Helping pick out outfits, finding the right shoes and a jacket, and checking in with her candidates- with a genuine interest in their success. 

Lauren Miller, Celebrity Staff Profile: Lauren Miller

She’s a Senior Account Manager here at Celebrity Staff, but she does more than just managing – she grows her candidates and her client relationships.

“I love helping candidates explore all opportunities! I enjoy showing that Celebrity Staff is not just a temporary service. We work together to uncover the best fit for all parties involved and have constant communication throughout the entire process.”

It’s Lauren’s do-it-all attitude that makes her so dedicated. She is a mom, a student, she’s busy conquering her goals, and learning new things. She sites her mother as her biggest role model.

“She does it all, she’s driven, she would work 2-3 jobs and still have time for friends and family. She is always showing me, and pushing me to be the best.”

And it’s this attitude, dedication to friends, family, and to being the best that sets Lauren apart. In an office full of dedicated professionals, Lauren delivers by always being ready, and always motivated to not only meet her goals, but exceed them. She is always improving and continuing to solidify her position as an expert in the staffing industry. Her mission statement reads: 

“To use my talents, to be a team player and set clear expectations; I want to increase company culture, to drive the success of my peers, and to empower others to reach their milestones by promoting my passion and leading by my results, I hope to expand my relationships.”

Lauren Miller, Celebrity Staff Profile: Lauren Miller

Natalee Hanway
Natalee is a senior at the University of Nebraska, Omaha and will graduate in 2020 with a degree in Political Science. Natalee worked as an intern for Celebrity Staff for 11 months as a Compliance Specialist, helping her to pursue a career in the legal field. Natalee is a proud member of the Nebraska Army National Guard where she recently secured a full time career position as a Paralegal. Natalee’s contributions include blogs featuring members of the Celebrity Staff team.

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