working with a recruiter, Communicating with Your Recruiter During a Pandemic

Communicating with Your Recruiter During a Pandemic

Many companies are starting to hire again and the openings that you were interested in or applied for at the beginning of the pandemic are once again available. It is a good time to make sure you are keeping in touch with the recruiter or staffing service you are working with in finding your next career move.

Connect. Reach out. Be responsive.  

Don’t be afraid to reach out even if the recruiter you were working with didn’t have the right position for you at the time you started working with them. Things may have changed; positions move quickly, and we don’t want you to miss out if you are still interested. Be responsive. If a recruiter calls or emails you, try to get back to them as soon as possible. Chances are they have a new opening they’d like to put you in the running for!  

Keep them informed.  

Checking in with your recruiter doesn’t always have to be about asking for something. Keep them informed of your own searches so they know where you stand in your job search. Don’t be afraid to let them know where you have interviewed. By doing so, they can help provide you with opportunities you aren’t finding on your own.  

Staffing firms build rapport with businesses and in return these companies work with the firms that they trust and have confidence in to help them find the right candidate. Because of the relationship they have built with hiring managers, recruiters will successfully advocate for you and get you in front of the right person to help you get your foot in the door.  

working with a recruiter, Communicating with Your Recruiter During a Pandemic

Jill Warren
Jill grew up in Wahoo, NE and attended college at Midland University where she graduated in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in sports management and business administration. In September of 2013, Jill joined Celebrity Staff’s Lincoln team where she is currently a recruiter. She enjoys interviewing and building relationships with each candidate to assist them in their career path. In her free time, Jill enjoys spending time with her husband, Ethan, traveling with her family, and attending sporting events.

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