Communication is the Key to Victory!

Communication is the Key to Victory!

Communication is the key to any relationship that you have. It is especially important when you are looking for a job and working with a staffing service.

When you work with Celebrity Staff, here’s the interview process we follow:

a) You apply for a position with us b) We call you to set up an interview c) We ask you to complete an application and assessments d) You come in and interview e) We search for a position that matches your skills

Looking at that list it seems simple enough, so why do people not follow through with the entire interview process? My best guess is when we set up the interview we do not explain why the process is so important or how it works.

The first conversation we have with you to discuss your resume and set up an interview should last 10-15 minutes. During this call we talk to you about your current or previous experience to make sure you fit our niche – the administrative, management, or legal fields. If you do fit our niche, that’s fantastic so let’s schedule an interview. Once we have a scheduled time for your interview, we will then discuss the application process. We will send you a set of three emails: 1) a user name and password to login to Celebrity Staff’s website 2) a link to take four assessments that look at your typing speed and communication skills and 3) a confirmation of our interview time and address. Even though we have your resume, filling out the application is vital. This is where we take our notes when you come in, so the more you fill out for us the better prepared we are to match you to open positions. The assessments are also important to complete prior to your interview because some of our clients have requirements that you must meet in order to work there.

Now it is time for you to interview! During the interview we are going to dive into your current and previous positions. We want you to communicate everything that you did, your likes, your dislikes, your accomplishments, and anything else that you feel is going to help find your perfect job match. We are going to talk about your reason for leaving and we want the truth. If you were terminated, laid off, or quit, tell us the reason why in detail. This not only helps us explain to the client why you have been unemployed or why you are looking to leave, but it also allows us to help you answer this question in interviews without sounding entitled, unsure, or revealing too much information. The last thing we are going to discuss is your salary requirements. Come prepared with this information.

The next part of this process is finding you a job! Working with a staffing service is great because you are considered for ALL jobs that we are working on that you are qualified for. Once we have identified the positions you are interested in and qualified for, we will have you meet with the account manager for the client. If the account manager feels you are qualified and meet the client requirements, then we will present your information to them and attempt to set up an interview.

Once we secure an interview for you, we have a process set in place to help you nail the interview. We offer in person and over the phone pre-interview preparation. This is where we go over what you should wear, how to explain what you will bring to the table for the client, how to answer hard questions, what the company does and how you will add value, questions you can ask to show you are serious about the position, and how to close the interview.

In a perfect world, we would send you out for one interview and by the end the client would extend an offer. However, we do not live in a perfect world and things change. With that said, we continue to help you look for your perfect match. To help this process, we need three things from you: 1) communication of what companies and positions you have applied and interviewed for 2) check the Celebrity Staff website for new opportunities and 3) stay in contact with us at least two times per week.

Now that we have gone over the process of working with a staffing service, what communication do you feel is important in the application/interview process?

communication, Communication is the Key to Victory!Kristi Elet

Kristi started her career with Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in July 2013 where she was able to gain insight into the inner workings of the staffing world. In August 2014, she transitioned over to operations as the Office Coordinator and was recently promoted to Operations Assistant. Kristi thrives at the back office piece of things and enjoys taking on tasks that may seem mundane to others. She has recently found her love for helping candidates find their perfect job match. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys spending time with her daughter, Julia, as well as the many family and friends she has in Omaha.



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