community, Connecting People Transcends Staffing and Benefits Community

Connecting People Transcends Staffing and Benefits Community

“Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”– Vince Lombardi

Being in the world of staffing and recruiting I am constantly in awe of how connections between humans flourish. Networking gives new life to fruitless job searches. Brainstorming sessions uncover loose associations with quick phone calls propelling processes forward. Our world is a constant dance of individuals working together in a group effort on a mission to help others. An effort that manifests as active listening, coordination, prioritization, quick implementation habits, follow through, and above all an unyielding passion for others. Recently, I saw one of my coworkers take her skills and apply them in the midst of tragedy.

Heavy rainfall and rapid snow melt contributed to catastrophic flooding across the state of Nebraska causing 93 counties to declare a state of emergency. The loss has reverberated throughout the state in damages to Nebraska’s infrastructure, crops, livestock, and personal property. In the face of this disaster, Celebrity Staff Senior Account Manager Sarah Kaczmarek sprung into action.

Last Friday ( March 15) after a full day of work that included winning an award for her contributions to her team Sarah, without missing a beat, joined the relief efforts. With her boots on the ground she assisted with the procurement of trailers to assist with the rescuing of animals , worked directly with a Coordinator of helicopter pilots to deliver goods , and answered calls collecting vehicles full of items to organizations in need. She used her instincts to connect people to the benefit of her community quickly.

community, Connecting People Transcends Staffing and Benefits Community

Sarah popped on Facebook Live and engaged her network, providing live updates and imploring people to donate. Her videos watched hundreds of times, made  responding to an overwhelming situation seem actionable for everyone. Her coworkers watched as she devoted her weekend to helping others. It did not matter that it did not directly impact her home, her farm, or her family- as a Nebraskan she felt compelled to help. Sarah’s selfless efforts extended beyond the weekend and spilled into the work week. Working full time helping her clients and customers she spent her free moments with her boots on the ground.

Sarah has a beautiful family, with two active and involved young girls and loving husband. She is a senior team member of Celebrity Staff who serves as a mentor and wealth of information the floor. She is actively involved in her faith community, fitness community,local chamber events, and various networking associations. She has taken every opportunity given to her to connect with others, to facilitate opportunities, and foster relationships.

community, Connecting People Transcends Staffing and Benefits Community

I’ve spent the last week watching her actions and words inspire her coworkers and managers. I’ve witnessed her community respond to her heart and passion. I’ve taken special notice over the last week that her team supports her. Her team was there to help fill in any gaps, encourage her to rest, and strive to help her balance. It has made me feel even more lucky to have her on the team and as someone in the community. 

Every action she has taken has and will impact lives around her for the better. If that wasn’t enough I was struck with how much gratitude she possessed throughout the process. She said things like, “ We had so much help today and so many people just stopping in to offer assistance that I don’t even know where to begin to thank people, or who to thank.” She recognized she was a part of something much bigger than herself, and like a true leader wanted to stop and thank those who contributed to the group effort.

community, Connecting People Transcends Staffing and Benefits Community

Nebraska has a long and difficult road to recovery ahead of us but with people like Sarah Kaczmarek helping our community there is hope for us.  We, at Celebrity Staff wanted to acknowledge her contributions and say how proud we are to have her on the team.



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