hire, Dear Client, Here’s How to Make the Best Hire

Dear Client, Here’s How to Make the Best Hire

This is a letter to my future clients or any client who is struggling to make the best hire for their critical needs. If you are in human resources, own a business, or are a Hiring Manager, there is a vast range of experience when it comes to hiring. I have worked with some companies that hire anywhere between 100-200 employees on a yearly basis, and they are either growing rapidly or there is a problem with retention. On the opposite side of the spectrum, by and large, smaller companies might only hire once a year or once every 10 years. Regardless of your experience, the goal remains the same – find the best quality candidate for the position at hand and ensure there is a high return on investment.

It is important to understand that by bringing a candidate into your company, you are investing into your company and team. There will be the upfront and most immediate financial investment of recruiting this candidate. Whether you use a staffing service like Celebrity Staff or you choose to do this on your own, there is always a cost (posting ads, marketing, reviewing resumes, time interviewing, etc.). For a more in depth understanding of the cost, check out our blog “How Much Does a Staffing Company Cost?”.

Then there is the inevitable training. Oftentimes this training can be defined as the 2-5 weeks that it might take for your new employee to pick up the systems and truly be able to do the job at hand. However, don’t forget about the ongoing training—months pass by, years, systems change, needs within the business change, or a pandemic like COVID-19 forces the company to do things that nobody has ever prepared for. Adding someone new to your company and team is an investment, make no mistake about it.

Before discussing the best ways in which you can help yourself, let’s take a moment and discuss the biggest mistakes that I have seen:

Not taking the recruiting/advertising/marketing process seriously.

Top quality candidates are looking for more than just a job. They are doing research about every company and opportunity as it presents itself. The easiest way to get your name out there is to post an ad on social media or job posting sites. The mistake here is due to the quality of the content. If you aren’t selling your company, the position, and the opportunity then you aren’t getting the candidate that you truly want.

Here’s an example. When your water heater breaks and the basement is flooding, what do you do? Do you spend hours online doing research to figure out the problem, the solution, then go to store after store to find the appropriate parts to fix it? Then, fix it yourself only to find out that you need to fix it again in a week or a month? Or, are you like me and call the professionals? There are a lot of similarities to hiring and having any significant home maintenance situation. Reaching out to Celebrity Staff can be the most cost effective move you can make and this ensures that you have an entire team of people focused on getting you the best candidate available. This saves you time and money! If you have questions, give me a call and we can discuss whether or not this is the solution that best fits your needs. If not, make sure to ‘sell’ your company to prospective candidates. You want to have the ideal candidate WANT to work for you! Give him/her a reason to do so!

Hiring for the wrong reasons.

There are only two reasons to hire or bring someone into the company/team. The position itself has to be designed to either allow the company to save or make money. This is a critical part that needs to be understood! Whether it’s a receptionist, administrative assistant, or a sales agent, each position within the company needs to help the broader scope of the company which is either to increase profits or reduce expenses.

You need to hire the person who reflects well upon your company and who represents the brand and the direction that the company is going in. If you need a short term fix for a special project, you might be better served looking at a staffing service that can help for short term time frames. Make sure to define the position and responsibilities so the candidate knows what to expect. Too often, the position requirements are left vague and candidates are told that it will evolve with time. If there isn’t enough work to do, people will become restless and you will be wasting resources. Make sure you actually need this position filled. Understanding the impact of not having the position filled is just as important as getting the position filled.

Interview questions don’t answer the questions that you desperately need to have answered.

When you are sitting down before an interview and thinking of the questions you should ask during the interview, don’t go to Google and get the typical questions. If you do that, expect the typical answers. You need to ask questions that will qualify the candidates’ experiences in a way that allows you to differentiate between candidates. Take a sales agent for example. If candidate A is able to explain how he/she increased profits by $20,000 month over month compared to candidate B who only did $5,000, you could probably assume that candidate A is a better salesperson. Don’t get me wrong, this is a simplified example.

The key is you need to get what YOU need from this interview. Don’t waste your time by asking questions without a purpose. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Tell me about yourself. – Great introduction question, ice breaker
  • What are your strengths? – Do these correlate with the job?
  • What are your weaknesses? – Shows self-realization and perspective
  • Why do you want this job? – Personal motivation
  • Where would you like to be in your career five years from now? – Worth the investment?
  • What’s your ideal company? – Does this align with what your company offers?

There is no absolute right question. There are only absolute wrong questions. If the question doesn’t serve a purpose and only wastes your time and your candidates, then that is a bad question.

Hiring is an intense and complicated process, so I’d love to hear directly from you. Reach out to Celebrity Staff and any of the Account Managers would be willing to discuss a recruiting and hiring strategy that makes the most sense for your company and your needs. If you take away anything from this blog, understand that quality always trumps quantity. Just like your company and the decisions that you have already made, this decision can make a huge difference. Reaching out to Celebrity Staff can be the best thing for you and your company!

hire, Dear Client, Here’s How to Make the Best Hire

Jonathan Miller
Omaha Account Manager Jonathan Miller graduated from the University of South Dakota with his degree in psychology. He joined the Celebrity Staff team in 2018 and has enjoyed building rapport with businesses and helping candidates build their careers. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, including two beautiful daughters. He enjoys golfing and cheering for the Patriots.

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