New college, What New College Grads Need to Know

What New College Grads Need to Know

Dear New College Grad,

Your future is looking bright!  You spent an insane amount of time and money on your degree in Entertainment Engineering and you completed that internship in Fermentation Sciences with stellar reviews!

Your best friend just landed his dream job and you are ready to get yours too.  You know the one!  That job with the perfect salary, amazing benefits, and cool company culture.  It’s only a matter of time before you start doing exactly what you went to school to do.

All of that education has fully prepared you for any challenge you might face, and you will be sure to impress the CEO with your Excel skills and complex formulas by the end of your first week.  Before you know it, you are the youngest VP in the history of the company!

Your day will be full of crazy antics, just like The Office, and everyone will feel like family.  Everyone will be super motivated because they love the company, their boss, and you will know exactly what is expected of you!

Well, I hate to be a party pooper, but you probably aren’t going to get your ideal job right away.  Your second or third job probably won’t be either.  So, don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen for you.

What you will get from your first job is a valuable experience.  It could affirm that you are on the right path or that you may need to adjust your sails a little bit.  You just might have to go through a few jobs before you find one that feels right for you.

As much as you’re hoping the CEO will ask your opinion on the “changing climate of the business market”, it doesn’t happen.  The reality is you will spend your first month trying to remember industry jargon and coming to terms with the fact that you don’t know anything.

Yes, you have a lot of knowledge in that brain of yours but learning how to apply what you’ve learned is going to take time.  You will have to be okay with sucking at something for a little while.  You will learn a lot more about how to do your job from your co-workers and by doing the job itself.

I hope after reading this you don’t lose heart.  There are times you will ask yourself if the struggle to end up with something other than what I expected, worth it?  Yes.  A million times, YES.

You will eventually end up with your dream job.  Not because it is what you expected, but because it is what you have earned.

Colleges don’t pull back the curtain to show you the reality of what the workplace looks like and I want to illuminate it for you.  I have the privilege of helping candidates and new college grads see the bigger picture.

My name is Lindsay Bremer and I am a recruiter with Celebrity Staff.  Once upon a time, I was an eager grad with her Marketing degree.  I have had jobs that failed to meet my expectations.  10 years later, I am a skilled recruiter and I love my job.

I am in awe of the young talent I meet on a daily basis and you all are going to go far.  If a gal like me can stumble upon a fulfilling career, I have no doubt you talented young professionals will do amazing things!



New college, What New College Grads Need to KnowLindsay Bremer joined the Celebrity Staff team in 2018, and has enjoyed building relationships from the beginning. Passionate about making connections between organizations and talented professionals Lindsay is a natural fit for the staffing industry.  She graduated with her BBA in Marketing: Promotional Strategies&Communications from Northeastern State University. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and traveling!


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