Different Industry; Still Making Clients Happy

I’m new to the staffing industry. I spent over 20 years in the travel industry sending people on amazing vacations around the world. In addition to planning vacations, I spent over 10 years managing, hiring, recruiting, and training employees. I was excited to try a new industry, and the best part, I am still in the position of making people happy!

In my new position I have seen many occasions where using a staffing company would have made life easier for employers!

Recruiting – Pre-Screening
A staffing company puts prospective employees through a rigid screening process. This is what we do – we screen, interview, and test for skills. We do it all day, every day. Our experience helps us find top quality candidates.

Hiring – Avoiding Hiring Mistakes
As a hiring manager we have all experienced the prospective employee who sold us a bill of goods in the interview, started their job, and then did NOT perform how you thought they would. Those hiring mistakes are very costly. Think of the costs of starting over again from recruiting, interviewing, and training; not to mention you hired someone because you needed to fill a position, so it going unfilled is costing you lost production time or even sales. How much more does it cost to leave that position unfilled for the next month or so while you recruit, interview and train?

Temporary Staffing — Peak Season & Special Project
I worked in an industry where 75 percent of our business was done in the first quarter of the year. We were so busy there was no way we could handle all of the business coming in our door. If we would have had appropriate staffing during this time of year, I’m sure I could have doubled my sales.  However, the profit margin was so low, we couldn’t afford to hire an employee — what would they do during the slow season? Temporary staffing would have been perfect answer. During our peak season we could have had someone to answer the phones, handle paperwork, mail brochures, and process payments allowing the rest of the staff to focus on sales. Money in the bank!

Temporary Staffing  — Emergency Leave
We’ve all worked through leaves of absence whether it’s an extended vacation, medical leave, military duty, or jury duty. Companies these days work with the minimum staff possible, but how can a business function efficiently with one more person out on an extended leave? Many companies have existing employees cover the duties, but is this the best option? When dealing with FMLA, maternity, vacation, military, jury duty and the like, temporary staffing offers a flexible solution to cover staff shortages. A staffing company has talented employees who love working in temporary positions.

Although I’m new to the staffing industry, it’s already clear to see how using a staffing and recruiting firm can benefit an employer. From avoiding costly hiring mistakes to covering staff shortages during times of need, using a staffing agency can do a lot to keep employers happy and whether it’s booking a vacation for someone or helping keep a business running efficiently, making customers happy is what I do best!


working with a staffing company, Different Industry; Still Making Clients Happy
Kim Roche, Celebrity Staff Account Manager

About the Author Kim Roche

Kim Roche serves as Account Manager at Celebrity Staff, a leading staffing and recruiting firm. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Kim spent over 20 years of in the travel industry, including 13 spent in sales, management, recruiting, and training capacities. Kim holds numerous travel designations and certifications and has spent many years networking in the Omaha community. She is an active member of Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Western Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, and Center Sphere.

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