Employees on Vacation? Consider Bringing in a Temp.

Employees on Vacation? Consider Bringing in a Temp.

Summer is here – staycations, family get-a-ways, and holidays that no one wants to miss! Since it’s a popular season to take vacations, employees are more frequently out of the office. However, their workloads don’t stop. Many day-to-day duties have deadlines that can’t be missed due to someone being out of the office.

Employees can try and prepare before they leave by delegating their work and rushing to get things completed, but reality is they will ALWAYS come back to loads of work. Everyone hates the feeling of having to “catch up” when they return. I know I have even thought, “Gosh, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to take time off.” If this is the case, there are several ways to minimize your employee’s overwhelming feeling when they return. Don’t stretch your employees thin when you can bring a temp in!

Temporary employees can do a number of things to alleviate stress and pressure from permanent employees during the summer. Overload and poor quality of work can be prevented if the other employees know there is someone else coming to assist. Everyone always gets stressed when someone is out of the office – the talk starts and anxiety rises all because someone is going on vacation! That seems backwards. Employees should never feel like they can’t take time off or be away from the office for an extended period of time.

Here are the top three reasons why temporary workers can benefit your company:
• Temporary workers help with keeping workload consistent — Why have a backlog of work and create stress when there is an easy and effective solution? Since summer is here, the workload doesn’t go on vacation but your employees are going to want to. Project deadlines aren’t delayed and work doesn’t stop because of summer vacations. The flexibility of a temporary employee keeps the staff beefed up and allows work to continue without losing quality, but also allows you to cut back when vacations are over.

• Temporary workers bring new ideas to the office — When your most talented employees are out of office for summer vacation, their expertise and skill is what you will miss the most. Bring in a temporary employee to bridge the gap. Hiring temporary employees allows new minds to help brainstorm fresh ideas so there isn’t a lack of creativity during employee vacations.

• Temporary workers can turn into a permanent employee — A successful way to get a qualified candidate is to hire a temporary worker to “try before you buy.” This is considered a “working interview.” This can be helpful if you want to avoid a bad hire, can’t yet afford a new full-time employee, or if you’re not sure if you want to grow your company at the current moment.

Always remember that stressed out employees don’t do any good for employee retention. Companies strive to have low turnover rates and this can be a strong solution to keeping that number low. Bring in new talent and you will be shocked at the outcome! Enjoy the summer and happy employees!


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