Why We Want Feedback After Interviews

Why We Want Feedback After Interviews

So you have chosen to work with a staffing service, congratulations! It is a magical experience where everything is going to be easy going from here on out. No reading thousands of resumes, no calling to pre-screen candidates, and hopefully not wasting your time interviewing candidates blindly.  Then one day you realize that after every interview you have someone calling you asking you for a detailed report about how the interview went and your observations about the candidate. This is where a lot of communication begins to break down, especially if you chose not to move forward with the candidate. Why do we want to know all the details? What do we do with the information? The short answer is that we are trying to ensure you are getting exactly what you need and help our candidates in the process.

My manager wrote a blog a while back where she compared the process of utilizing a staffing firm to building a custom home or any other process where the output is dependent upon the input. In the beginning of the business partnership, you are telling us you want an Executive Assistant with 5+ years of office experience supporting C-level executives, and you want this person to be an Excel maven. We go through our network of qualified candidates, leads, and referrals. We match a candidate with those specifications to your opportunity, and in the most perfect world it all matches up. Your input and your desired output result in a match. But we all know, humans are not one size fits all. Job titles can fall short of capturing previous experience.

We want every detail, any crumb of feedback you have- because you are paying us to craft up staffing solutions that fit YOUR organizational needs. So here are five of the reasons I tell my Des Moines clients why I want their interview feedback.

  1. The more feedback we get the faster we can find you the right candidate.

When I talk to my clients about their interviews, I get to know them better, their likes, personalities, needs, and dislikes. The more we know you professionally, the more we can tailor our recruiting efforts to find you the right candidate faster. Don’t like someone who is bubbly and talks quickly? GREAT! Now I know when looking for candidates to look for someone a little more even keel.

  1. How should I alter my search?

If you are not making an offer, we want to know what the candidate was missing. As staffing professionals our process is not a send over and hope the candidate wins you over with their sparkling personality. We perform high level recruiting and only present the candidates we feel are the most qualified and interested in the position. So, if you’re not hiring our candidate we need to know specifically what we are missing. We’ve heard everything, so don’t worry about telling us the reason you are passing. I personally had someone not receive an offer because he wore a tie to the interview. The interviewer said he wanted someone more laid back, that candidate would not fit their culture. Culture concerns are valid! We coach our candidates based on general interview etiquette and could have coached our candidate to arrive in more business casual had we known that up front. Communication is vital. With our unemployment rates at historic lows, I wanted to make sure my client did not miss out on an opportunity to hire the candidate over a wardrobe choice. The more specifications on what we are missing the better I can deliver for you.

  1. Consult you on a decision

So what if the candidate is a maybe? When I’m looking to make a major decision it always helps me to talk it through with someone familiar with the situation. I have clients tell me all the time that they liked a candidate but they aren’t sure on one skill or another. We then lay out the pros and the cons. Often this helps my clients make a decision on the candidate without taking up days of time stressing over a hiring decision. It does a recruiter no good to place a candidate who is truly not a good fit for the position because that candidate will leave the job, usually upset, and the employer is wearier next time they go to use our services. Let us help you come to the best conclusion for both parties. You will feel confident when you make the hire.

  1. To provide you feedback from the candidate

Candidates won’t always tell the interviewer what they are thinking or sometimes they won’t have the opportunity. Recruiters obtain feedback from the candidate to provide to you. This way if the candidate decides they’re not interested after the interview, we can save you the grief of making an offer that would be turned down. On the flip side if the candidate would accept we could also let you know that an offer to this candidate would be accepted and your search would be over!

  1. Help you craft an offer

We get a candidates requirements on pay, what they’re looking for in their next position, benefits, bonus plans, and expectations up front before you even sit down with them. We know what it will take to get your offer accepted.

The bottom line is that we are here to help your organization meet their goals. Use us as your resource! That’s what you’re paying for! Utilize our unique insights and market knowledge to help you design a team with exceptional talent. Give feedback to your Account Manager and you will be sure to get better results.

Why We Want Feedback After InterviewsMadison Sauer is a Celebrity Staff Des Moines Account Manager. She has four years of Account Management experience, and has been with Celebrity for two years. She has her bachelor’s degree in theater from University of Wisconsin. She is a member of Central Iowa SHRM. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband, and her family.

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