Feeling Thankful For Celebrity Staff : A Candidate Review

Feeling Thankful For Celebrity Staff : A Candidate Review

As we embark on the season of being thankful, Celebrity Staff received a review from a candidate we helped place at our parent company, C&A Industries, that we felt embodied wonderful gratitude. Read more about Sarah Christiansen’s experience working with the Celebrity Staff Omaha team in her own words.

Thankful, Feeling Thankful For Celebrity Staff : A Candidate Review
Celebrity team poses with Sarah

Lauren Miller: Lauren was my first point of contact at Celebrity. She was the one who recommended me for my current Administrative Assistant position at C&A and I can’t thank her enough for that! During my meeting with Lauren, she helped me narrow down my “must-haves” in a job, desired pay, and ideal hours. This helped me actually start to think about what position I desired for a long term career and focus on what I truly want out of a job.

Lindsay Bremer: Lindsay has been my cheerleader since day one! She prepped me for my interview. I hadn’t been to a professional interview in years. I was self-employed most of my life and my most recent job was looking to fill a seat as fast as they could so I had hardly any interview experience. I think for a lot of candidates the interview process is the most stressful. Lindsay helped me strategize better ways to verbally express my strengths and weaknesses (which was difficult for me to pinpoint at first besides the typical “I’m nice” or “I’m a hard worker” responses).

Lindsay did a mock interview to alleviate any awkward pauses or “I don’t know” answers in my actual interview which helped a ton! I was also walked up to my interview, given lots of encouraging words, and had my last minute questions answered. After being introduced to my interviewer, I felt so prepared and confident in my interview because of Lindsay! She is why I nailed my interview and landed the job! It is so fun that I get to see her during the day at work. We have become fast friends!

Rance Johnson: I still have never formally met Rance but the morning of my first day of work he called to wish me good luck and to have a great day! How awesome is that!?

Pam Hickey: Pam was my Account Manager at Celebrity and since my hiring process took only two days I didn’t get to meet her until after I was employed. She thoroughly answered my questions about benefits and day to day operations and was so sweet when I got to meet her in person, making sure I was happy with my new position and doing well!

Celebrity Staff helped me find a career where I truly wake up each morning happy to go to work! This position has been so fulfilling for me. I never thought I would enjoy a job in a large corporate building. I was sure that I would be better suited for a small office but I’m so glad that Lauren & Lindsay saw something different for me!

I absolutely love working with so many people. My mail runs are my favorite time of day so I can chat with everyone and meet new faces!

I recommend Celebrity to everyone I know looking for a job, they make the process so smooth & stress-free, it was the easiest and best decision I’ve made! Thank you all!!

Sarah Christiansen
Administrative Assistant – Corporate Office
C & A Industries

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