Finding the Perfect Job

Finding the Perfect Job

It’s that time of year! The New Year is a time that most people take a step back to reflect, recharge, and regain momentum for the year ahead! It’s a time when many people take the time to look into changing careers or finding a new job. Many people who decide to start looking seem a little out of their comfort zone.

I would love to help and so I am offering three tips on what you should be doing to get yourself ready and amped up for the New Year and that incredible new career!

  1. Network – Network – Network: I cannot possibly say this enough. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are a definite way to get your name out there and into potential client’s hands!
  2. Skills: Take this time to sit down and really think about what your skills are. What are you good at, what do you enjoy doing, are there certain software you know and are good at, any special projects that you worked on? These are just some examples that you can look into. Once you write these down, put it together and start looking for jobs that align with your skills.
  3. Resume: So you’ve networked, you have gone onto different job boards and social media sites to see what jobs are out there, and you’ve sat down and really thought about your skills and what you can and will offer the client! Now it’s time to put all of that together and update your resume so you can take the next step and start applying.

Searching for your next career can be stressful but no matter what your 2017 resolutions are, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Connect with a recruiter at a staffing agency or a job employment office.

career search, Finding the Perfect JobHaLeigh Russell
HaLeigh joined the Celebrity Staff team in October of 2014 as a Staffing Assistant and was just recently promoted to a Recruiter position in October of 2016. Previously she worked in sales and customer service roles. HaLeigh has no spare time as she is a busy working mom to twins! She loves spending time with her husband, Chris, family, and friends!

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  1. Thank you for sharing useful tips. Recruitment Agencies are very helpful in order to get the desirable jobs.

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