Flexible Managers Accomplish Goals

Flexible Managers Accomplish Goals

How often do you plan your day and it turns out nothing like you expected? I can honestly say this happens to me every single day. Some days are a speed bump and others, like today, are major detours. As a manager in any industry you have to be flexible to respond to unexpected challenges. For some managers and supervisors this comes naturally and for others you have to consciously work at being flexible. I would say I am the latter of the two.

A client that I work with recently had me take their Culture Index. I took it for fun to see what my candidates are taking and to see just how accurate it is. I made a concerted effort to answer honestly and not just how I “thought” I should answer. I have to say it was pretty spot on. The client quickly identified that basically I like to move things along at lightning speed and have little patience for those that don’t meet my timelines. I let him know he should be glad he is not part of my household because no one is ever on my timeline to get out the door in the morning. My flexibility out the door is tested every morning with repeated chants of “get your shoes on” and “why doesn’t anyone have any concept of time?”  I have often said “patience is not my virtue.” I like to make things happen because I am action oriented, which is probably why I love my job; even with the speed bumps and detours. I am not trained in the assessment but have become more familiar with it over time so I just laughed out loud (LOL) when I received it. Laughter definitely helps with flexibility; otherwise known as staying sane in my world. Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, something so crazy comes up that all I can do is laugh and move on to problem solving mode.

Planning your day is a really good way to maintain your flexibility when handling challenges. Your initial reaction to that statement might be “she is crazy.” Nope, remember I am not crazy because the laughing keeps me sane, and so does planning. If you don’t have a plan when you do get off track you then start to go down what I like to call “the rabbit hole.” Before you know it you’ve put out 10 fires and accomplished nothing that directly impacts your bottom line. Having a plan gives you something to return to; a new starting point for the tenth time that day. Every night before I leave I plan my day knowing that something may come up, but I am prepared to handle those speed bumps and detours. So even as I write this at 6:00pm ready to go home, having hit a detour today, I know my final task of the day is to plan for tomorrow.

Flexible Managers Accomplish GoalsSarah Kaczmarek
Sarah joined Celebrity Staff in January 2013 as an Account Manager and currently is a Sales Manager. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Sarah had a successful 17 year banking career, working her way up from teller to branch manager. Sarah discovered right away she enjoyed the recruiting and staffing industry and has the natural ability to match clients with employees. Sarah’s enjoyment in the industry comes from knowing that she is making a difference every day in people’s lives. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family, running, and camping.

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