Get to Know Kristi Elet: Recruiting Manager

Get to Know Kristi Elet: Recruiting Manager

In the world of staffing and recruiting the only constant is change. Recently, there was change on the recruiting team at Celebrity Staff with Kristi Elet being promoted to Recruiting Manager. It is an exciting change that opened up the perfect opportunity for a conversation with Celebrity Staff’s Social Media Recruiter, Kate Trimble. Read to find out about the evolution of her career, what she is excited to tackle next, and what advice she has for jobseekers in 2018!

1.) Can you tell us about your journey to becoming the Recruiting Manager for Celebrity Staff?

I started with the company in 2013 after being laid off from a company that I was with for more than eight years. I came in as an applicant and before I knew it I was working for Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager working the Des Moines area. After about a year I discovered that account management was not the best fit for me. Around the same time, a position at the front desk in Omaha opened up and I moved to the operations team as an office coordinator. From there I moved into an operations assistant role, then to assistant operations manager. Most recently I have been promoted to the recruiting manager role.

2.) What are you most excited about achieving with your new team in the remaining months of 2018?

I have a mix of tenured and new recruiters. I am excited to see how all of us learn and come together as a strong recruiting team. The sky really is the limit. I cannot wait to see what the outstanding team of Recruiters I work with in Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas City, and Des Moines will accomplish over the next several months. It is an exciting time to be in my role!

3.) What is something you are passionate about outside of the office?

I wish I could say running, reading, traveling, etc. BUT I am a mom whose daughter is involved in school and church activities all week long. So my passion right now is making sure my 15 year old daughter gets to practice and events on time. Seeing her happy and thriving is important to me.

4.) If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?

Mind reading. To be able to tell what someone is thinking without having to ask 20 questions would be amazing. It also would help when my daughter “lies” and says she doesn’t know what she wants to eat for dinner.

5.) What is the best advice you could give to a job seeker in the 2018 market?

Don’t be afraid. Go after the promotion you have been wanting. If you are not happy, do something about it. Do not be afraid to really go after your dreams, because ultimately you do a disservice to yourself by not taking your own dreams seriously. We talk to people all the time who are settling for less. There are so many blogs, podcasts, books, and professional resources available to help you on your search and I recommend consulting those resources. AND of course, we at Celebrity Staff are always open to having a conversation with you. Our mission is to help you reach your goals, so set aside the fear, and reach out.

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