The Giving Season is Upon Us

The Giving Season is Upon Us

It is that time of year again where everywhere you go people are asking you to donate to this and donate to that, volunteer here, open up your checkbook, your cupboards, your closets, etc. With so many options, how do you decide? Do you pick one charity or multiple? How much money should you donate? There are so many questions to consider!

When my daughter was is kindergarten we participated in everything her school did and I would still donate my money when I would go to the store. I balanced my checkbook after the holidays were over; the amount of money I donated was more than I could afford. That is when I came up with a plan. I set a dollar amount that I was comfortable donating. Every year we donate somewhere different and last year we donated to multiple organizations. Not only did we donate in the monetary sense but I cleaned out my cupboards and my closet and we donated our time as well. If you want to get involved but don’t have the money, donating your time to local organizations is a FANTASTIC way to give back and get involved.

So where should you donate? Local organizations ensure that what you donate stays in your home town and goes to the members of your community. Here is a link to local Omaha nonprofits to get you started.

If you would like to donate nationally, please do your research to ensure that your money or items are actually going where you want them to.

This is a great article to help you with the do’s and don’ts of donating. For information on how to choose the right charity for you, click here.

Is there a specific charity you like to donate to? Comment below with the name and a link to the organization you donate your time and/or money to.

The Giving Season is Upon UsKristi Elet Kristi started her career with Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in July 2013 where she was able to gain insight into the inner workings of the staffing world. In August 2014, she transitioned to operations as an Office Coordinator and was recently promoted to Operations Assistant. Kristi thrives at the back office piece of things and enjoys taking on tasks that may seem mundane to others. She has recently found her love for helping candidates find their perfect job match. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys spending time with her daughter, Julia, as well as the many family and friends she has in Omaha.

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