Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It is an exciting time to be in the staffing industry. Celebrity Staff, a division of C&A Industries, has nearly twice the number ofcontract employees working for us now than we did a year ago. As Omaha’s unemployment drops, the need to recruit top talent has increased. The employment market in Omaha has shifted over the last six to eight months. This is good news for those seeking employment in the Omaha metropolitan area where our unemployment in April 2014 was 4.9 percent. The state unemployment rate was 3.7 percent, while the national average was still at 6.7 percent. What does this mean for employees and businesses? Talent thatused to come knocking on our doors is now being actively recruited. Employees whotook a pay cut during the recession while staying within their field are now actively searching out higher paying jobs and the demand for their skills is rising.

Our niche areas at Celebrity Staff are administrative, management, and legal positions. Administrative roles are where we are finding the highest demand. During the recession it was an employer’s market. There may have been 100 applicants to every position. Within those 100 applications there may have been 20 that were a 100 percent match when it came to the desired skills. Employers had the ability to attract talent with relative ease while paying employees less than what they may have been accustomed to. As things shift, I find that employers are choosing between paying top dollar for the skills they need right now, or choosing to hire a candidate that is a 70 percent match that can grow with the job.

If you are an employer looking to fill an immediate need with a particular skill set, it is likely that you have noticed the shift as well. No longer are the days of an influx of applicants to choose from and then taking weeks to make a decision. I advise clients that if they have a candidate they are interested in they need to move quickly; especially if they are in that 90 to 100 percent job match category. Most of the candidates with top talent that I have pre-screened and interviewed over the last six months have been on an assignment or hired on their own within a week. When calling a client to present a candidate, I urge them to make time for an interview to avert losing a viable candidate. Just last week I called a client encouraging they make timetointerview a candidate we just interviewed at Celebrity Staff. When I called the candidate to schedule the interview two days later, they had already accepted a position elsewhere. Urgency in Omaha’s evolving employment market is key to hiring top talent. If you sit on a position too long, the candidate you want to hire may be here today, but gone tomorrow.

Here Today, Gone TomorrowSarah Kaczmarek

Sarah Kaczmarek joined Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in January 2013. Previously, she worked in the banking industry for 17 years and was with her last employer for 10 years where she worked her way up from a service representative to branch manager. When looking for a new career, she knew she wanted to focus on account management and recruiting. Sarah attended UNO, Metro, and Bellevue University where she (finally) earned her bachelor’s degree in management in 2004. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys time with her family, camping, trying new recipes, and (most recently) running.

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