Hiring the Right Candidate

Hiring the Right Candidate

Whether it’s because someone is retiring or business is booming, you’ve made the decision to hire. What’s your next step? Bringing on a new member of your team is a big investment of time and money. You need to make sure the new person is truly a fit not only for the job but also for the company.

The grim reality is that according to Leadership IQ, 46 percent of new hires won’t last 18 months and about 66 percent of hiring managers ultimately regret their in-house hiring decisions. What makes this bitter pill even harder to swallow is the costs associated with it. According to U.S. Department of Labor estimates, a bad hire can cost a company up to 2 ½ times their annual salary.

There are so many variables when finding the perfect candidate. It’s not as easy as running a CareerBuilder ad and waiting for the resumes to pour in. If it was I’d be out of a job! So what can you do to streamline the process and make a good, informed hiring decision?

First things first, define the job. The key to a successful hire is dependent upon your own internal processes and specific job requirements. Establishing a definitive job description and understanding where this position fits in your organization are vital when searching for a suitable hire. In other words, you will not be able to find the right candidate unless you are certain of what the job entails.

It’s easy to say you need an office assistant, but what exactly will that person do? Filing? Answering phones? Assisting with payroll? “Other duties as assigned” is not a job description. The more you can tell me, the better candidates I can present.

Secondly, hire for a culture fit. It sounds cliché, but if you know what attitudes and behaviors are important to you, it’s easy to filter candidates accordingly. It is important to find an employee who is compatible with your company’s culture. Before you can hire for fit, you have to know what you are looking for. What traits do your most successful people have in common? What core values are near and dear to your organization? What does it take to be successful in your business?

Someone who is a great hockey player may not be a star player in the NBA. The same holds true in the business world. Someone who is accustomed to big business and having a support team around them may falter in a smaller business where employees are expected to wear multiple hats. Look for people who will fit into your organization.

Third, act quickly. Be efficient in your interviewing process. In an effort to be thorough, it’s easy to over interview. Multiple interviews with the same people is not only redundant, but also gives candidates a wishy washy impression of your organization. A phone screen followed by face-to-face interviews with the hiring manager and direct managers should give you more than enough information to make an informed decision. Scheduling unnecessary interviews can waste both the candidate’s time and your productivity.

Additionally, limit your interviews to candidates who truly meet your requirements. It’s my job to know my candidates. I’ve done the front end work so that you can interview only the best candidates for the job.

When you think you have found the right candidate, move quickly. Some companies make the mistake of waiting until they have seen several candidate options before making a definitive decision. When you find the right person, finalize the process before he or she accepts another offer.

Above all, follow your instincts. As a hiring manager you sometimes have to go with what feels right because that feeling is the reasoning of your unconscious mind. The right person will almost certainly feel right to you, as well as ticking all the boxes for experience, qualifications, skills, and personality.

Whether you’re hiring a permanent staff member or trying to find someone to do short-term contract work, it pays to get the right person. With a little thought and planning you’ll be able to clearly determine your requirements, find qualified candidates, and ultimately hire the right person for the job.

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Debra joined Celebrity Staff in 2015 as an Account manager. She spent several years assisting her husband, Rob, run his martial arts business before launching her staffing career with Celebrity. Prior to that she spent 10+ years in outside B2B sales, most recently in the chemical industry. Outside the office, Debra enjoys spending time with her husband and their four kids, Kendall, Dutch, Nathan, and Drew. She enjoys a good movie and is a trivia savant. Debra a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with degrees in zoology and chemistry.

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  1. I am looking for the candidate for my company but didnt find the best one. Here, you provided the variables which are beneficial for finding the perfect candidate…

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