Holiday Hiring Hoopla

Holiday Hiring Hoopla

′Tis (or ′Twas) the season for budget reviews, ramping up for the New Year, and figuring out hiring initiatives. As a staffing partner, we have the ability to hear and see it all with our clients. For some of you, the budget has run dry and things will ramp up again in Q1. For others, you are still looking to add additional staff and need our assistance more than ever.

Here are my observations from this holiday season and some hiring suggestions for you to keep in mind for next year!

1) Candidates are still looking and they want to meet with you:
I want to make this loud and clear that candidates are on the hunt for jobs more than ever at the end of the year. While it may be a “crazy time” with traveling, time off, and wanting to put in notice, they are ready and willing to meet with you.

2) Make time to meet with “THE RIGHT” candidates:
Too often when I call hiring managers about rock star candidates, I hear my clients say, “Gosh, Mary sounds perfect and she definitely fits the role, but we’re not looking to bring anyone on until mid-January”. Next thing you know its January and Mr. Client calls back asking about Mary. Mary, who was able to interview with two other companies during the holiday season, was offered a position to start the second week of January and is no longer available for your position. You, as the hiring manager, are back to square one and out a great candidate. My suggestion here is to MAKE TIME TO INTERVIEW the right candidates. They will more than likely have another job by the time you are “ready” to meet with them.

3) Utilize different resources for your initial or FINAL interview process:
While meeting your candidate in person is ideal, more and more companies are utilizing phone interviews, Skype, Facetime, and even hiring applications such as Hirevue. While the hiring apps are not my first choice, this allows you to pre-record interview questions and allows the candidate to complete on their own time, within a deadline. You will be able to see how they answer questions, speak, and present. As a partner to you, we have also pre-screened, interviewed, and vetted candidates for your open position(s). We will be able to present references as well as clerical and typing scores, upon request, to make this process seamless and quick for you! Make sure to consider these with people being in and out of the office and being able to lock down that perfect candidate.

4) Be proactive in connecting with your staffing partners on new positions in Q1:
If you know you will be needing assistance in 2018 with new opportunities, call us now! My job is to make sure we fill your open positions with quality candidates, FAST! The market is getting tighter (in many Midwest cities you are looking at under 2.5 percent unemployment) and we are here to assist you. What we can provide to you at the end of Q4 is the ability to productively create a “pipeline” of candidates for your upcoming positions. I can start headhunting and courting your ideal candidate, so when the Commercial Underwriting position that you are looking to bring on in February opens up, we have your candidate prepped and ready to go for interviews and references completed.

5) Be aware of your temporary office needs over the holiday season:
Holiday parties, luncheons, and vacation coverage are things that EVERY office goes through in December. Remember, we offer temporary coverage for your team so that EVERYONE can participate in the holiday festivities. Our temporary employees do “book up” fast, so call us a few weeks in advance and allow us to get them set up with your office. They have all been pre-screened, interviewed, reference checked, and prompted on the position at hand. In most cases, the temporary employee we place at your office has worked at least two or three assignments for our other clients and received rave reviews.

Just to recap, make sure that you are working with your staffing partners, hiring managers, and HR department to coordinate interviews for the holiday season ahead of time. Connect at the beginning of the month and work backwards on when your position is starting, how long the interview(s) takes to complete, as well as any on boarding activities such as background checks, drug screens, credit checks, etc. You want to make sure you are staying ahead of the process and avoid getting your tinsel in a tangle! We want to give you the gift of great hires for the New Year and tee up your team for success. And think about it this way, you will be giving someone one of the greatest gifts of all, security of a new job with your company!

Holiday Hiring HooplaDallas Norton
Dallas is originally from West Des Moines, IA and works in both our Des Moines and Omaha offices. Dallas has been with Celebrity Staff for just shy of two years and is an Account Manager for the Des Moines team. She is passionate about the staffing industry, growing her network, and providing top talent to great companies. She has her Master’s degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and she has lived abroad in Italy and Austria performing and studying with the Graz Opera Institute. Dallas frequently performs with her band Pie in the Sky almost every weekend to play for weddings, corporate events, and at the local bars on Court Avenue. She stays busy traveling with her band, taking care of her three dogs, Keizer, Betty, and Willard, and helping her boyfriend, Ryan, with his company Victory Fighting Championship. Dallas is passionate about fitness, her family, music, and of course her community.

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