LinkedIn, How Do I Respond To A Recruiter on LinkedIn?

How Do I Respond To A Recruiter on LinkedIn?

“Hi Jessica! I saw your LinkedIn profile and love your experience! I am recruiting for an ABC position and wanted to share a little about my company! Are you available at 2pm or 4:30pm tomorrow? Of course, this is confidential conversation. Thanks for your time!”- Recruiter at XYZ Company

Have you ever received a message like this and had no idea how to respond? Sounds like most people! Did you know that 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching, and the remaining 30% are active job seekers? LinkedIn messages are the perfect way to engage the passive workforce and ensure that not only is your message branding yourself, but you’re reaching the right audience!

So what do you do when you, a passive workforce member, receives a message like the one above? Check out my tips for how to message with a Recruiter on LinkedIn below.

1. Respond

Remember, this Recruiter specifically messaged YOU and sourced YOU for their open position. They took time to review your file, and see if your experience aligns with what they are looking for. Sure, top recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools than average recruiters and they may have built a fancy search to specifically find a background like yours, but recruiting is like dating. Have you ever put yourself out there…anxiously awaiting that text message back…waiting…waiting….that’s how recruiters feel. A simple thanks, but no thanks, goes miles!

2. Referrals

Employee referrals are a top source of quality hires along with social networks and internet job boards. That goes for friends and family, too! More times than not, we know of someone job searching and can offer a referral. Extending an olive branch to a recruiter and saying, “At this time, I’m not interested, but let me look at my personal network and I’ll let you know if someone pops out that you should reach out to.” It is important to know at that time, what the job duties for the position entail, the company culture, and potential earnings. Or we are happy with just a name and a way to contact your referral.

3. Keep in touch

Keeping in touch with a Recruiter whether it be through LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other social media platform is smart! You never know when your circumstances might change, and you are willing to branch out and see what opportunities are out there. Tell the recruiter you’ll keep in touch, and if your situation changes, you’d love to have another conversation. Growing a personal network is important in today’s market.

LinkedIn, How Do I Respond To A Recruiter on LinkedIn?

According to a recent Omaha World Herald article, with an unemployment rate clocking in under 3 percent, nearly everyone in Omaha who wants a job has a job. Currently, it is the job seeker’s market in many cases. Recruiters in this market will be getting creative and reaching out to candidates likes yourself, the passive job seeker. Messaging with a recruiter on LinkedIn is a way to keep up to date on unemployment trends, what is happening in your network, and stay aware of opportunities.

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