new manager, How Do I Succeed As A New Manager?

How Do I Succeed As A New Manager?

Becoming A New Manager

You did it! You put in the work and showed your current manager(s) that you were ready to become a leader.  Now what? I have been there. When I was becoming a new manager I read a couple of books, articles, blogs, and met with my new team. I did it all except for asking the most obvious people for advice my fellow managers.

I felt overwhelmed, like I was never going to figure this thing of being a manager out, and that I was letting my team and the people who promoted me down.  I was stuck in a rut and just making myself busy doing things that I knew I was good at to make my team look good.  Truth was, I was not making my team look good, I was making them look like they didn’t know how to do their job.  One day I was sitting at home (recently) and it hit me like a ton of bricks, use the resources within the 4 walls of where you spend most of your awake time, WORK!

Revelations of A Transitioning Manager

  1. Delegate – just because you know that you can do it doesn’t mean that you should. This allows you to see the current strengths and weaknesses of your team, gives you the opportunity to leverage their knowledge so you can work on training plans and look at how to make your team run like a well-oiled machine.
  2. ASK MORE QUESTIONS! Don’t assume that just because your team was trained how to do something that they are doing it correctly or that they are comfortable with the process.
  3. Teach don’t do. If someone doesn’t know how to do something teach them how to do it.  Nothing is more empowering than passing your knowledge on to someone else.  Once you have taught someone something have them to teach someone else.
  4. Take it all in. Listen to the feedback without taking it personally, apply the feedback, ask for help, and just breathe.

Taking The Time To Celebrate

The fact of the matter is you can always be a better manager, there will always be books, articles, and blogs to read, not everyone will like your management style , people will always have advice to give, you will mess up and get things wrong BUT you will also get things right.

Take time to celebrate the small successes, look for opportunities to expand your knowledge, show appreciation, plan ahead, look at training opportunities, ask for advice, and don’t be afraid.  As long as you push yourself to do the best and develop your team you will be successful.

I still don’t have it all figured out and don’t think I ever will BUT I am one step closer every day.

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Kristi started her career with Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in July 2013.  Her career has evolved through the years and How Do I Succeed As A New Manager?she currently is the Recruiting Manager. In her role she supports the recruiting team in all four Celebrity markets. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys spending time with her daughter, Julia, as well as the many family and friends she has in Omaha.

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