How to Hit the Bullseye with Work Life Balance

How to Hit the Bullseye with Work Life Balance

Work life balance: one of the biggest buzz phrases thrown around in my industry today. Most candidates I talk with will site a lack of work life balance as at least part of their reason for leaving their current position. If you aren’t encouraging your employees to work to live instead of living to work, you are going to start losing great talent. It’s very likely you have already lost great talent and didn’t realize why.

So what does work life balance really even mean? Let me explain how my employer encourages my work life balance. When I am not at work helping people change their lives through new opportunities, I’m traveling the U.S. playing darts. That’s correct, I actually moonlight as a professional dart player (yes, those do exist!). Pretty much every time I have told someone that, it is obvious it is the first time they have heard it. It sounds like a quote you would hear in the Obscure Sports Quarterly Magazine (bonus points if you get the movie reference).

I am one of the highest ranked dart players in the U.S. and I travel around the nation playing in the biggest events that North America has to offer. I have a travel calendar, I keep a rigorous practice schedule (I almost said training there but laughed and deleted it), and I have legit sponsors. There is a very good chance that if you know someone who plays darts competitively, they know who I am and we have crossed paths at some point. In other words, it is very important to me that I get to practice, play, and travel for this game.

Not only does my employer allow me the time off to do this, they ENCOURAGE it! I don’t have to try to jump through a bunch of hoops to get a couple days off to travel to a tournament, which allows me to focus on preparing for the event instead of worrying about if I’m even going to be able to go. It also means I feel a deeper connection to my employer and I completely buy in to my team because I know they have done the same for me, not only in my professional life but my personal life as well. So if your employees are jumping ship at the first opportunity that comes their way, they are likely looking for a better balance in their life instead of $0.50 more per hour. And who knows, one day you might see them winning a dart tournament on TV.

How to Hit the Bullseye with Work Life BalanceBrandon Neal Brandon has been with Celebrity Staff since December of 2014. He enjoys checking in with candidates after they have started their new job and hearing how happy they are in their new role. Prior to Celebrity, Brandon spent three years in lawn care management. He was also a member of the Armed Forces for five years. He is originally from Fulton, KY and moved to Omaha in 2002 as a member of the US Air Force. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their two daughters, Avery and Mallory. He enjoys spending time with his two little girls and he is an avid dart player and golfer.

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