How to Make the Best First Day

How to Make the Best First Day

The smell of fresh popcorn, hotdogs, and cotton candy; the sound of leather slapping; and the sight of children and adults all giddy for the first day of baseball. There is truly no better day of the year than Opening Day of baseball. I take two days off to celebrate and throw a party to watch the Cubs. I spend many weeks preparing and prepping for the perfect party and this year my son tells me, “I haven’t had this nervous excitement since the first day of school”. It made me think about the last time other than Opening Day I have had that nervous excitement feeling.

After much thought I realized it was nearly four years ago that I had that nervous excitement feeling, which was my first day of work at Celebrity Staff. I then thought to myself about some of the horror stories I have heard about some of the people I have placed on their first days, which triggered an idea. I should really write a blog about how to create the best first day of work possible for people. Here are a few ideas I have seen that have been successful:

  1. Make it a warm welcome on the first day and do introductions with the entire staff. Don’t put it on everyone else to introduce themselves to the new employee because days get busy and they might forget.
  2. Make lunch plans for the new employee and invite the team. Be sure to coordinate the lunch before the first day.
  3. Have everything set up days in advance so there aren’t any last minute hiccups that prevent them from completing their job immediately or jumping right into training.

These simple steps in preparing for a new employee’s first day will go a long way in making their nervous excitement a good experience and not a horror story. Take the time to make sure you are setting up your new employee for success just like I take the time to make sure my Opening Day party will be a success.

How to Make the Best First DayRance Johnson has been with Celebrity Staff since June of 2014. What he enjoys most about his job is knowing that he is changing people’s lives everyday by just getting people to work. Rance lives in Fort Calhoun, NE with his wife, Karli, two sons, Aiden and Carter, and beautiful daughter, Amelia. He graduated with honors from Bellevue University with a bachelor’s degrees in business. Before joining Celebrity Staff, he spent 11 years in the wireless industry managing a team of 3 to 14 employees. In his down time, Rance enjoys being with his family whether they are outside playing sports or inside watching movies.

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