online classes, How to Succeed When Taking Online Classes

How to Succeed When Taking Online Classes

As a person who obtained their degree online and took 75 percent of their college classes online, I feel like it is a good time to share my successes in today’s climate. I was far more successful taking online classes and could make the classes work around my schedule. Throw in having a job and needing to pay bills, finding time to make it to a physical class every day can be a challenge. Here are a few tips that helped me be successful in completely remote coursework.

Maintaining a structured schedule was key. It seemed like every class required you to submit to a forum, and then reply to your fellow classmates, do weekly assignments, and take weekly tests. This kept you accountable for your time and staying proactive in the course. To meet these deadlines, I would also sit down and make sure I completed a certain amount of work early in the week. This allowed for more flexibility on other assignments and tests later. Life always seems to find a way to throw you off your schedule, so having the flexibility of online courses was very convenient. It always seemed to me that I was most productive in the evenings, which is not something you can do when you are taking in-person classes.

Preparing for tests and knowing how your textbook chapters are laid out is also helpful. There were several tests that I took that I did not study near enough for, but knowing how to navigate the textbook chapters made the timed tests doable. Utilizing the chapter layout, the index, and the glossary saved a lot of time and search efforts when researching a question. With online classes, you usually are paying for an electronic textbook and an access code. It takes some time to learn how to navigate an electronic textbook, so I recommend getting a physical book whenever you can. It isn’t that much more expensive, and they usually always come with the access code as a bundle.

Invest in other learning platforms. Chegg was a life saver when I was taking accounting classes. You could ask questions and other people would respond back with answers. It even provided answers to a lot of the problems in the book. You do not get the luxury of having all the “odd” questions answered in your textbooks like you did in high school. Quizlet provided extra studying material and flashcards to prepare you for tests. Keeping yourself accountable is the key. It is easy to find all the answers to questions on Google, but you still need to keep yourself accountable to learn and retain the information.

With more and more people transitioning to online classes, there will be people struggling with the different teaching methods. Each class and every teacher is different, so take the first few weeks of a class to really figure out how to be successful for the remainder of it. If you are taking an eight-week course, you don’t have a lot of time to recover your grade after a few bad assignments and tests, so be sure you are prepared.

Learning in a virtual space is more common now than ever before. So, take time to do your research, invest in your education, and prepare accordingly to be successful in your online classes. Although this may be a change for some people, remember to look at the benefits of online courses and work just as hard as you would if you were in person for class!

online classes, How to Succeed When Taking Online Classes

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