How to Write a Resignation Letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Resigning formally is often the first step in officially closing a chapter of your professional career. The stress from your job searching is over. No more sending resumes, no more follow up notes, no more possible rejection or waiting. Your hard work has paid off! You’ve officially accepted an offer and are ready to start a new career! Next step, you need to submit your resignation.

Regardless of the reason for the job change, you should avoid burning professional bridges and leave gracefully and respectfully. Below are my tips on the art of writing a resignation letter.

  • Use proper form for business letter format and keep it short, polite, and positive. You may need the employer as a reference in the future and the resignation letter is not the proper venue for airing grievances.
  • Type your letter on a computer, address it to your supervisor and have a printed copy ready to offer during your discussion. You may also provide a copy for the human resources department. State that you are resigning, include the date the resignation is effective and your intended last day. For example, indicate if you are giving two weeks notice or if you are resigning immediately.
  • Thank your employer for the opportunities he or she provided and indicate that you are grateful to the company. There is always a positive to each employment experience, new friends, new skills, new lessons that you take with you in your next career.
  • State that you are willing to help with the transition of your work. Avoid explaining why you are leaving, why you hated your job, where you will be working, how much more they will be paying you, etc. Save that for the in-person conversation.

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How to Write a Resignation Letter


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