I ACCEPT! ……Oh wait just kidding…..

Imagine this…

You have made a job offer to your top candidate and they accept. You have a start date. You’re in the process of running the background check.  You have informed all other candidates that you have decided to go with another candidate.  One week later, you receive an email or a voice mail that states, “I regret to inform you that I have accepted a counter-offer from my current employer. I will be declining the offer.” 


There are a million things going through your head at this point. What can I do to salvage this deal?  How could this candidate do this to me without speaking with me first? Was this offer used as a bargaining chip for more money? Was this person seeking more money than what he/she was offered? Did we miss the signs of hesitation during the interviewing process?


Once the initial shock wears off, what do you do? Do you start recruiting again? Do you call the other candidates to see if they are still potentially interested? What do you do?


Here are few tips if you decide to call back those that weren’t selected to begin with:


·         Tell them the truth – They already know that you offered the job to someone else – Be honest

·         Let them know why you think they would be a good fit for the position

·         Go over job duties in detail again

·         Be detailed in what the position offers – benefits, salary, incentives, etc…

·         Ask them if they have any additional questions to help you identify pain points, motivators, or hesitations

·         Tell them how excited you would be to have them as part of the team

·         Give the candidate 48 hours to make a decision if they don’t jump at the opportunity


Here are a few tips if you decide to start fresh in the recruiting process:


·         Don’t mention anything specific about the individual that declined the offer to new recruits

·         Keep an open mind and move forward

·         Go back to your original questions and ask yourself, what can I ask to uncover hesitations?

·         If you have not yet worked with a staffing service, reach out and leverage your resources. If you did work with a staffing service on this position, give them another opportunity. Chances are they are just as shocked as you are.


This is something I never had to think about until it all came crashing down on me yesterday. I did some research and according to the National Employment Association, 80% of employees that turn down a job offer for a counter offer are back on the market after six months. This statistic is something to keep in mind during the hiring process. Pay close attention to details and have a back-up plan if things don’t go as expected.

I ACCEPT! ……Oh wait just kidding…..

Kristi Elet

Kristi has around 10 years of supervisory/management experience in her background.  Prior to her time at Celebrity Staff, Kristi was a Regional Manager for a national cell phone company where she opened six stores in less than nine months.  This taught her to work well under pressure and she learned the importance of getting things done and having a plan of action for staffing and budgets.  Prior to that she was in the financial industry as well as the clothing retail business, where she was able to build professional relationships with management, co-workers, and customers.  Kristi is currently utilizing what she has learned in her previous roles to specialize in the recruitment and placement of outstanding administrative, management, and legal professionals in the Des Moines metro area.


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