Job Search Improvements to Make

Job Search Improvements to Make

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, each year we all want to eat healthier, lose weight, and be a better person, but what about focusing on your career path? It is not too late to plan your career search for the New Year. Here are some helpful tips that will pay off when job searching in 2019.

Target Your Job Search: Do you find yourself sending resumes to every job posting you see and hoping someone looks at it for any job in any industry? Instead of using this “spray and pray method,” take the time to decide what kind of job you would like and/or what industry you would like to work in. Better yet, write down a list of employers in that industry and target them specifically to ensure you apply for jobs that you are serious about.

Utilize Keywords: Once you have figured out what you are searching for, start searching job boards using that information as keywords for employment postings. This approach will help you find the right job for you.

Visit Job Boards Often: If your targeted list of employers has jobs posted on their website, visit their job postings frequently. Use LinkedIn and Facebook to find people who work for those employers and you may find someone who you have a connection with; reach out to them to expand your network. By checking company job boards, you can stay up to date on all the latest positions the company has available.

Tailor Your Resume: After you have reviewed the job description, take note of what skills and qualifications are required and how the description of the job is worded. Use that information to customize your resume with keywords, phrases, and experiences that the posting uses to increase your chances of making it through the electronic resume screening processes many companies use.

Utilize Social Media: Complete your LinkedIn profile. Spend time describing your past employment experience using keywords that hiring managers in your industry are likely to search for (these can be found on most job search help sites). Don’t forget to write a summary and include a professional photo. A recent poll of recruiters conducted by found that 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn for recruiting, so without having a LinkedIn profile you are invisible to recruiters. Also, know your online reputation. Be sure that your Facebook and Twitter profiles align with what you are trying to achieve in your career search.

Network: Reach out to former colleagues and classmates. You never know, they might know someone working at a company that you have been targeting and trying to land an interview with.

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Jill graduated from Midland University in December of 2012 with a degree in fitness and sports management and business administration. During college she was an intern for the Nebraska Sports Council and helped plan the Cornhusker State Games event. Upon graduation, Jill moved to Lincoln and joined the membership team at Prairie Life Fitness. In September of 2013, Jill joined Celebrity Staff’s Lincoln team as a Staffing Assistant where she supports the team in the candidate on-boarding process and a variety of other administrative tasks. She enjoys being a part of the staffing industry as each day is different. In her free time, Jill enjoys spending time with her husband, Ethan, hanging out with family and friends, traveling, attending Nebraska football games, playing volleyball, and shopping.

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