team performance, Improve Your Team’s Efficiency and Overall Performance

Improve Your Team’s Efficiency and Overall Performance

Highly efficient and high performing teams do not just happen overnight. If that were the case all sports teams would win championships and all businesses would succeed. Consistent high performing teams in both sports and business are a result of consistent teamwork and strategy. It is continuing to think and rethink how daily responsibilities are done, so that minor adjustments can be made to have continuous results. 

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  – Michael Jordan

Here are four things to consider when looking to improve your team’s efficiency and overall performance.

Establish goals and clarify roles

When working with a group of individuals, it is crucial to establish both individual and team goals to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction. High performing sports teams, just like high performing business teams, have a clear plan of action with well-defined tasks and responsibilities.This allows for both accountability and the ability to shift responsibilities, if needed, in the fast-paced world of business.

Help employees prioritize their top objectives for the day and/or week in 1:1 conversations and then let them run with it.

Rethink meetings

While meetings are a great way to share information with a team, meetings can put a damper on overall productivity and energy. Before scheduling a meeting consider if the information you are looking to share could be or should be communicated in a different way to your team. Establish and stick to an agenda during your meetings. Consider, then reconsider, who needs to be invited to the meeting by assessing the value each person will bring and the value each person will receive by taking time out of their day to attend the meeting.

Keep your meetings interactive by asking individuals to share examples or contribute to the overall message. It may be a good idea to prep individuals with how they could participate prior to the meeting to avoid long, awkward pauses during the meeting.

Get to know your team members strengths and weaknesses.

A high performing team with great chemistry is more than just a list of names. It is a group of people who know how to leverage each other’s strengths and pick up each other’s weaknesses to achieve the best possible result for the team. Get to know each member of your team’s strengths and weaknesses so they can be strategically used for a more efficient work environment. This will set up both individuals and your team up for ultimate success.

If you have a team member who is strong at details, put them in charge of the detailed reporting that needs to be done for the department instead of the individual who is a big picture thinker and often overlooks the details.

Encourage feedback – both positive and constructive

As a manager, is important to give feedback to team members at all levels. It is equally important to train your team members on how to give both positive and constructive feedback to each other. Individuals on the team working side by side will be the first to see both the efficiencies and the inefficiencies of those around them. By allowing and encouraging peer to peer feedback you will likely see faster and even longer lasting results.

Overtime this peer to peer feedback will be a key component in creating a high performing team.

While working to bring your team from good to great in efficiency and performance, you may realize that you are absent of certain strengths to catapult your team to greatness. You may also discover that some members of your team are no longer a fit. If you find yourself in either situation, please reach out to us here at Celebrity Staff and we would be happy to consult with you on what your ideal next hire will bring to the team! 

team performance, Improve Your Team’s Efficiency and Overall Performance
Pam Hickey, Celebrity Staff

Pam Hickey
Pam has been in the staffing and recruitment industry since 2011. As a Branch Manager with Celebrity Staff, she works with the Omaha and Des Moines regions. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Pam was in the travel industry focusing on outside sales and recruiting. Originally from Iowa, Pam graduated with a bachelor of arts in political science from Iowa State University. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and two-year-old son, yoga, cooking, and traveling.

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