internship, Internship Programs Benefit Business and Students

Internship Programs Benefit Business and Students

We are officially upon internship season. Celebrity Staff loves the time of year when interns join us on the floor and help our Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Kansas City offices. For April’s blog we wanted to showcase more about the phenomenal paid intern program run by our parent organization C&A Industries.

C&A Industries’ Skills for Success Internship Program is now entering its sixth year, and we are still going strong! There is a culture of learning and growth among our employees that gets reinvigorated each summer with the addition of our 17-20 fresh faced interns. Thanks to our hard working HR team, the interns are usually selected around spring break and come from a variety of schools and states. The Skills for Success Summer Internship Program runs for 10 weeks and is infused with a variety of learning experiences. Each year we provide our interns with volunteer opportunities, mentorship, networking activities, and division specific projects that make lasting impressions on our organization.

internship, Internship Programs Benefit Business and Students

This summer our program coordinators – Carly and Alex – are aiming to equip each individual intern with an experience that will shape the way they think and operate in a professional setting.

Carly Tefft stated that her main goal for the interns is for them to walk away understanding how best to present themselves to others in a professional setting. Carly also mentioned that she “is excited for the interns to bring about a fresh perspective from a demographic that will soon be the majority in our workforce. The fresh perspective they bring each summer often challenges our status quo, that maybe we haven’t thought about because we are doing it {insert various tasks} every day.”

Alex Fagan has a unique approach in helping with the program this summer since she was an intern last summer. When I asked her what her biggest takeaway was last year, she cited that the internship was all about learning how to navigate the differences of others – tenure, age, background, even the majors of her fellow interns. “It all makes you think about your approach to the person or situation and what they bring to the workplace.”

While there are many benefits to having interns, one of the best benefits gained from both sides (the intern and organization) is the opportunity to network with individuals you may never have had the chance to interact with otherwise. More and more so the best way to obtain your ideal position in this economy, with all-time lows of unemployment, is to have someone in your back pocket. The task of finding a new job is always daunting! Even more so for a new graduate. Did you know that 80% of jobs are never even posted online due to being filled internally or via networking? Yes, all you job seekers, this means the job boards that you spend hours upon hours scrolling through is just the tip of a very large iceberg. What does this mean to you? It means that connecting with others (networking) is becoming increasingly important in the workforce.

Maintaining your relationships and being sincere in your interactions with others is a critical key to success in the workplace. C&A Industries is a staffing agency. We know more than most that having someone who is able and willing to go to bat for you, to make career recommendations, and to give you referrals, speaks VOLUMES to who you are as an individual. We are in the business of people, and each summer our Skills for Success Internship Program allows us to connect with 20 more individuals!

Who has played a major role in shaping you, your career, or even who you are today?


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Blog Written By Breanna White: Project Manager for C&A Industries in collaboration with Celebrity Staff

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