Interviewing: Looking Beyond the Here and Now and Moving Forward

In the last two Celebrity Staff blogs, Patty North, Celebrity Staff Regional Manager, discussed Celebrity’s recent client presentation about interviewing and making smart hiring decisions. She pointed out what is not working and gave tips on how to make smart hiring decisions. I would like to wrap up the discussion on interviewing and making smart hiring decisions by giving you some ideas of how to move forward.

When interviewing candidates, you need to define how you expect a new hire to operate to fulfill the job requirements and achieve the best outcomes. In the book “First Break All the Rules”, authors Buckingham and Coffman state that the best managers know that people don’t change much so you should hire top people who want to do the work that you want done. In return, top people want job expectations clarified, appropriate materials, and tools to be provided so that they can do the work they’re best at, and a manager who will support and develop them in their positions. Candidates take jobs due to the quality of the company, quality of the hiring manager, and the challenge and excitement of the position.

As hiring managers, you need to make sure your job requirements accurately describe the real job you are interviewing for and when interviewing individuals you need to hire someone with the experience who can deliver results. How do you know the person you’re interviewing can deliver results? Past behavior predicts future behavior! Structuring your interview questions will identify their track record. This will help you gauge whether their accomplishments are key to your objectives and show how they handled situations that may mirror your environment, as well as provide you with examples of their accomplishments or challenges.

Using an objective decision in interviewing makes you review:

  • Performance first
  • Then character
  • And then personal/cultural fit last

Reviewing a candidate’s performance will identify their ability to do the work. Traits to identify performance ability include team skills, drive, intelligence, leadership, initiative, and obtained results.  The character of an individual is their honesty, integrity and responsibility. One’s personality/cultural fit is their attitude, style, pace, first impression, appearance, social confidence and affability.

Here are five tips when hiring for a position in your organization:

  1. Wait 30 minutes before making any decision about a candidate’s ability to do the work
  2. Avoid “voodoo” hiring methods (mentioned in Patty’s last article)
  3. Use a pre-planned structured interview
  4. Market your company and opportunity before and after the interview
  5. Listen two times more than you talk

The impact of effective hiring to your company provides short-term and long-term advantages. These advantages include reduced turnover, savings of time and money, a competitive advantage, flexible workforce, stronger staff, and a more effective team. By using the techniques that Patty and I have discussed during the past three months, it will help you make the right hiring decisions.

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hiring tips, Interviewing: Looking Beyond the Here and Now and Moving Forward
Elizabeth Meyer Ambri, Celebrity Staff Lincoln Branch Manager

About Elizabeth Meyer Ambri
Elizabeth Meyer Ambri has worked for Celebrity Staff since 2003. She was hired as an account manager and since then she has been promoted several times to her current position of branch manager. Elizabeth is responsible for cultivating new business, servicing her customers and the overall operations of the Lincoln branch. Elizabeth has a master’s degree in human resources, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology and is working toward a CPC. Off the clock she enjoys spending time with her husband and their family. Elizabeth also enjoys hiking, biking and playing golf.

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