Investing in Future Talent

Investing in Future Talent

Let’s take a quick poll…how many companies plan on hiring new talent in 2016? According to the latest statistics, at least 42 percent of companies will do some sort of hiring this year for one reason or another. I continually hear from companies that they are either in the process of hiring or are going to hire in the next three to six months. This could be due to growth, turnover, a busy season, projections, or other circumstances, but they are hiring. With a national unemployment rate at ONLY 5 percent, the talented candidates are, for the most part, eaten up. Sure you can try to recruit them, but what if I told you instead of looking for new talent, you should invest in the talent you already have? Thus, you wouldn’t have to replace nearly as many (due to turnover) and you would have more loyalty from within. Here are a few ways to do this:

Develop Intangibles / Soft Skills
It’s someone’s first year and they have no experience or knowledge in your field of business, however, they have a number of transferable skills and match your company’s culture (which is why you hired them). They aren’t where you’d like them to be after six months, so you’re thinking of just calling it quits and finding someone else. But let’s change our mindset here and see if we can develop them into who we want them to be. First, let’s focus on their communication skills, problem solving, teamwork, adaptability, and anything else they may be lacking. Maybe they don’t need help in all of these areas, but be sure you are at least hitting on these. SHOW them, don’t just tell them. These are great soft skills to start with. A couple other things they can be taught are self-confidence and responsibility. This will help them believe in themselves and not give up. It shows commitment to them and demonstrates the investment you’re putting into them as well.

Developmental Classes
One thing I have enjoyed at Celebrity Staff is our ongoing training, however, I understand that not all businesses are large enough to give their employees access to training videos or classes on a monthly or quarterly basis. Another option is to have one-on-one time with your employee once a week for an hour or two. Each week you can think of something new to train on within the business to help further their career.

But Jeremy, I don’t have time in my week to train this new employee. That’s perfectly fine. Find a manager, supervisor, or someone who has the knowledge and delegate that task to them. It helps boost their confidence and they may learn a thing or two as well from your newer employee. Make sure to let them know to be open to feedback. Check in with them once every other week or on a monthly basis to make sure they don’t have any questions for you. Hopefully, you’ll see wonders with the progress they make and then you can form a training program using this method for future hires.

Another thing our company started a few summers ago, and something I personally got to experience through another company, was an internship program. This did WONDERS for me in my professional career and helped me grow into who I am today. Most students have that entry-level job that doesn’t quite transition into their future career. Internships are designed to help train where one lacks, especially in those soft skills and intangibles.

Don’t feel obligated to offer them a permanent position after the internship is complete. Set the precedence up front that this is just an internship. Who knows, you may find some future stars throughout this process, which will limit how much hiring you have to do in the future. Either way, you are furthering their career and they’ll greatly appreciate it for years to come.

To close, one has to ask themselves, is this person going to make it? Are they picking up on the additional training you’ve given them? Are you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? If your answer is still no, then it’s time to cut ties and look for other talent. Not all situations are ideal, but if you don’t at least try, you’ll never know. Just keep in mind that you are investing in your business and investing in future talent. Good luck and have a great 2016!

talent, Investing in Future TalentJeremy Mohr
Jeremy joined the Celebrity Staff team three years ago and is a Senior Account Manager for the Lincoln team. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Jeremy was in sales for a publishing company for more than two years. As a Senior Account Manager, Jeremy focuses on growing new relationships with past customers, as well as generating new business in an ever-changing Lincoln market. Outside of the office, Jeremy enjoys watching any Husker sport, running, playing sand volleyball in the summer, and hanging out with friends/family. He is also a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has been a die-hard Husker fan his whole life!

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