Is Your Hiring Process Costing You the Candidate?

Is Your Hiring Process Costing You the Candidate?

In a world where there are millions of open jobs and candidates have their choice between multiple different offers, how do you ensure to fill your open job? As a recruiter I see hundreds of different hiring styles from companies all over the U.S. and there are a few common mistakes costing companies from getting an acceptance on an offer.

  1. Too long of a hiring process: Candidates are being reached out to by multiple recruiters and companies for interviews. They have endless choices on jobs, and we are seeing them receive multiple offers over a short amount of time. Companies that require a phone interview, testing, a second interview, a third interview, and a final meeting with the CEO are losing their people within the first stages. Candidates don’t have to put up with these processes because there are so many options. However, shortening the process, combine multiple interviews into one, and be upfront with what the hiring process is going to look like can make all the difference.
  • Slow turn around on applications: Candidates should be receiving a call from someone within 24 hours of submitting a resume. A phone call, not an email. Candidates want engagement and to get a sense of what a company will be like if they work for them. If someone else spends the time to make a connection, a candidate will likely continue with that process instead of a process that feels generic.
  • Hidden salary: Be upfront with the salary in your ads and when speaking with applicants. There is nothing worse than reaching the final interview and finding out the position pays significantly lower than expected.

  • Waiting to give an offer: When candidates are waiting after a final interview for an offer, it leaves room for other offers to come in. Most people looking for a position will have a hard time turning down something that is in front of them over something that might come. If you like the applicant, be ready to make the offer in the final interview.

These are just few mistakes I’ve seen and what you can be doing different to help keep top talent in your pipeline. Don’t let your own process be the reason jobs are going unfilled!

Courtney Lesiak

Courtney is a Recruiter at Celebrity Staff. She previously worked at Celebrity Staff in 2013 and rejoined the team in April 2021 after working as a Police Officer for six years. She has a love for connecting with people and helping someone better their life by finding a new job! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and doing home projects.

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