The Job Interview is Over. Now What?

The Job Interview is Over. Now What?

You go in for a job interview. The interview lasts 45 minutes. You walk out that door and you suddenly feel a sigh of relief because the work is done. WRONG. Let’s review some effective follow-up tips to boost your candidacy and avoid seeming desperate.

It’s important to get a feel for when you should expect to hear back from the employer during the interview. If by chance the interviewer does not mention a timeline, you should ask at the end of the conversation. If the interviewer suggests contacting them by email, don’t call them on the phone. In addition, if the interviewer mentions that they plan to make a decision by the end of the week, follow up within that week.

Everyone can agree that a thank you note is a must. This piece of communication is another chance for you to shine – whether you decide to mail a handwritten note or an email is your personal preference. If you decide to send an email, make sure you do so within 24 hours of the interview. When mailing a handwritten note, it’s ideal to have it arrive one to three business days after the interview. Sending a handwritten note can be beneficial in getting you noticed as it is a practice that few people do anymore. Make sure to personalize your thank you note by referencing people you met with, touching on challenges the company is currently facing, introducing achievements that you didn’t get a chance to discuss, elaborating on interview answers you felt were lacking, or referencing a relevant article.

What if you follow up after an interview, exactly as the employer suggests, and you still hear nothing? Don’t have an anxiety attack as companies will often take weeks, maybe even months, to make a decision. As a candidate you don’t want to cross the line of desperation. Be patient.

While you patiently wait to hear back from the employer, I suggest spending time researching the company and the industry. This will prepare you for any additional interviews that may arise. You can also take this time to prepare additional questions you would like answered. These actions show the interviewer that you didn’t stop caring about the company after the interview was over. As always, continue to network as you might just make a connection that has an influence in the hiring process.

My final word of advice applies to the unfortunate circumstances where you do not receive an offer. Keep your emotions in check. Accept rejection with grace – even go as far as to send a thank you letter to portray yourself in a positive light. You never know what could happen; one door closes as another one opens.

Keeley Dennis

interview, The Job Interview is Over. Now What?Keeley was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Upon graduating from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a degree in business administration, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a second degree in merchandise marketing. Keeley moved back to Lincoln during the winter of 2015 and joined the Celebrity Staff Lincoln team as a recruiter. Keeley prides herself in her ability to build rapport with others quickly making the recruiter role a seamless transition. In her free time, Keeley is a freelance makeup artist and bartender. She enjoys spending time with friends and promoting a healthy lifestyle by being physically active.



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