How Do I Know Which Job Offer to Accept?

How Do I Know Which Job Offer to Accept?

Unemployment is at an all-time low and you find yourself with multiple offers. You are probably asking yourself, “Do I take the position that offers the most money and minimal benefits to meet my immediate financial needs? Do I accept the position that is just under my salary expectations but offers room for long-term growth?” That is a great problem to have if you are looking to make a change or have found yourself recently unemployed. As recruiters, we want to help you navigate the decision making process. At Celebrity Staff, we want you to make the decision that is best for you; whether that offer comes on your own or through one of our clients. We don’t want to pressure you to take our client’s role when ultimately it doesn’t meet your needs. Trust me, none of us enjoy back filling positions in our office. Choosing the path of your career is a major life decision. Add in multiple offers and it may complicate the decision making process.

When you meet with a recruiter or account manager at Celebrity Staff we want to know a few key things:

  1. What is your motivation for looking at new employment? This is different for everyone. Reasons may include relocation, no longer challenged in current role, unhappy with current supervisor, layoffs, or opportunity to grow skillset and salary.
  2. What are the top three industries or roles you are interested in? This is something I did when leaving the banking industry after nearly 17 years. A trusted manager suggested if I wasn’t going back to banking, what are three things I wanted to do? I knew I wanted to do business development, recruitment/staffing, or non-profit work. I knew I was good at networking and making connections. What are you good at and what do you love? There are times someone comes in and says to me, “I am open to anything. I don’t know what I want to do.” The goal is to find a job, and you can’t reach a goal without a plan. Think of your top three industries/roles as a part of that plan to land your next job.
  3. What are the top three “must haves” in your next position? When we ask about the “must haves” we are not talking about salary or location. We are talking about the things that contribute to the company’s culture. If you leave an employer because you are unhappy, it is easy to leave and know what you don’t want. Coming up with “must haves” can be challenging, especially if you are in urgent need of employment. Aside from money, what is important to you in an employer? When I came to Celebrity Staff I knew I wanted to continue on the boards and groups that I was a part of. Not every employer was open to that when I interviewed. Maybe you want a work/life balance or flexible work hours. It could be an employer that allows you to do some work from home. A must have could mean that your next employer offers a team environment or autonomous environment dependent on who you are. Whatever your “must haves” are, we want to know.

Knowing the above information will help us help you when it comes to decision making time. We can help you assess the offers to determine which one meets the criteria laid out in that first interview. Having multiple offers sounds like a dream, and it is! On the other hand, making a major life decision can also become clouded by doubt. When it comes time to make that pros and cons list, we can walk you through that process based on what we’ve taken the time to learn about you.

How Do I Know Which Job Offer to Accept?Sarah Kaczmarek
Sarah joined Celebrity Staff in January 2013 as an Account Manager and currently is a Sales Manager. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Sarah had a successful 17 year banking career, working her way up from teller to branch manager. Sarah discovered right away she enjoyed the recruiting and staffing industry and has the natural ability to match clients with employees. Sarah’s enjoyment in the industry comes from knowing that she is making a difference every day in people’s lives. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family, running, and camping.

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