Making a Match Hire® Assignment Work

Making a Match Hire® Assignment Work

How does a Match Hire® assignment work? Match Hire® is described as a staffing solution where both the client and the candidate have the opportunity to make sure the position is the right fit for both parties. It is commonly known as temp-to-hire; however we see this as an opportunity to ensure it is the right fit. For this reason, we call it Match Hire® instead of temp-to-hire. The idea is that at the end of the Match Hire® assignment the candidate will be hired as a regular employee of our client.

Communication with your account manager while on a Match Hire® assignment is paramount to maximizing the benefits of Match Hire®. While on the assignment your employer of record is Celebrity Staff and your account manager is the manager you report to. Each week you should call your account manager to update them on your experience and have open communication.

What should you talk about, you ask? Let your account manager know about your training: What has it been like? Who has conducted the training? What are they teaching you? Is the position as your account manager described? Are you enjoying your co-workers and on-site manger or supervisor? Do you like the work you are doing? Do you have any concerns (this may be one you are hesitant to discuss, but don’t be)?

Telling your account manager that the position is not a fit can seem like a difficult conversation. We understand that you may be in a position where you need to be working, yet the opportunity may not be the right match. That is the beauty of Match Hire® and I tell all of my candidates this at the start of their assignment. It can be scary to tell your Celebrity Staff manager that it isn’t the right match and not know if there will be another opportunity we can present to you when you financially need to be working. I have a family myself and I need to work so I get what that might be like. I would much rather have a conversation with you than have you not show up or quit without notice. Our expectation is that a two week notice is given, just as you would with any other employer.

When a candidate quits without notice we can no longer work with you to find other employment opportunities now or in the future. We are your employer and as with any employer if you no call/no show or quit without notice on an assignment, you are no longer rehireable. That is not something I think candidates think through when they quit a Match Hire® assignment without notice. I want to reassure you that we would much rather speak with you and find the right fit than be unable to help you altogether!

Recently, I had a candidate who did not feel like the Match Hire® assignment she was working was the right fit for her. We had a couple of conversations to talk through her concerns. Ultimately, she decided long term that even though the pay was great, the work was not what she was enjoying. She even requested to speak to the client manager to let them know and give proper notice. I have a great amount of respect for this candidate. She had open communication with both me and the client, she articulated her concerns, and she handled herself professionally. We all agreed to end the Match Hire® assignment, and we continue to represent her for other opportunities through Celebrity Staff.

Match Hire, Making a Match Hire® Assignment WorkSarah Kaczmarek Sarah joined Celebrity Staff in January 2013 as an Account Manager and currently is a Sales Manager. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Sarah had a successful 17 year banking career, working her way up from teller to branch manager. Sarah discovered right away she enjoyed the recruiting and staffing industry and has the natural ability to match clients with employees. Sarah’s enjoyment in the industry comes from knowing that she is making a difference every day in people’s lives. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family, running, and camping.

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