mindset, Managers, Your Mindset Is Impacting Your New Hires

Managers, Your Mindset Is Impacting Your New Hires

Recently I have been reflecting about the mindset and perspective of employers and new employees as they go through training and onboarding. Being in the staffing industry has given me greater insight into the dynamic that exists in those first few weeks as team members are assimilating to new tasks, cultures, teams, and protocols. Organizations are tasked with making space in their daily duties to be there to ask questions, make transitions smooth, and provide enough structure to set proper expectations. It can be exhausting for everyone. Like with most things, you get what you give in terms of effort on both sides of the employer and employee equation.

In my previous career I had managed a staff of more than 150 employees and I can say that in my first few years, I’d look at my employees and quickly identify the ones who I needed to fire or didn’t add value to what I was building. I look back on this now and realize that the failure was not theirs, it was mine. I didn’t invest, motivate, inspire, or make myself relatable to them. I imagine this is a problem many managers can relate to regardless of tenure or industry.

Do you often look at your employees and ask yourself, “Why am I beating my head against this brick wall?” The truth is, you really are beating your head against a brick wall. It is easy to look at an employee from one vantage point instead of entertaining multiple perspectives and trying different approaches. People don’t have a one size fits all in regard to training, coaching, mentorship, or any other avenue that impacts an employee’s performance. It has to be specialized! One of the best pieces of advice I have received is something to the effect of this, “People don’t come into work and strive to be bad at their jobs. Do you honestly believe that you hired someone who woke up today, last week, last month; and said to themselves, ‘I am going to fail at every expectation’?” The obvious answer is “No!”

It is our innate desire as humans to improve and impress those whom we value and respect. Managers will get frustrated time and time again but never look in the mirror for a possible solution. Treat your employees like people; invest, teach, and nurture them to success. The greatest asset to any company is their employees. That is why we make it our mission to help companies achieve their goals by helping them in the hiring process. We focus on the human capital that every company, at every size, needs in order to succeed. We know that beyond the hiring process, employee retention is a huge priority with the contracted labor market. So treating your employees as your greatest asset and investing into the dynamic that exists between leadership and employees is often a labor of long term strategy, devotion, and love.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I’d love to hear what your thoughts on employee retention, being a self aware leader, or how it relates to you as an employer or an employee. Please comment below!

mindset, Managers, Your Mindset Is Impacting Your New Hires

Omaha Account Manager Jonathan Miller graduated from the University of South Dakota with his degree in psychology. He joined the Celebrity Staff team in 2018 and has enjoyed building rapport with businesses and helping candidates build their careers. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, including two beautiful daughters. He enjoys golfing and cheering for the Patriots.

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