ghosting, Are Your Candidates Ghosting?

Are Your Candidates Ghosting?

An Escape From Work

I recently returned from a “bucket list” trip to Nashville. My husband and I escaped Omaha for 5 days without our kids. What we didn’t escape is my knack for asking a LOT of questions and offering career advice when appropriate. I can’t help myself, I love learning about people. It is why I have been in this industry for 6 years, and done well. It isn’t just about the money and the affordability to take trips like this to Nashville. Really, it is about making the human connection, learning about people, and seeing success all around.

We attended a show at the Grand Ole Opry last Friday night followed by a tour backstage. By the time we requested a Lyft to head to Broadway Street, to meet up with friends that were also in town, it was 11:30pm. We were picked up in a little older 4 door Sedan that had university stickers on it. The driver started talking and I immediately noticed his East coast accent. What I learned in Nashville is that hardly anyone is from Nashville. I started asking questions right away, and my husband just shook his head.

I learned this recent graduate was from New York and his fiancé was in law school in Nashville. He purchased a gas station upon returning to New York post graduation, decided it was a mistake, and returned to Nashville a month ago to be with his fiancé. He has his degree in accounting and marketing. He said he was spending several hours a day applying to jobs, and driving for Lyft at night until he finds a full time job that offered a career. He didn’t feel like he was getting anywhere.

The Value of a Staffing Service

I asked him if he had ever worked with a staffing service, and he had not. It didn’t even occur to him to reach out to a service. I sold him on the benefits of using a staffing firm, even though we don’t have any Celebrity Staff offices in Nashville, TN. I encouraged him to look for a local firm, one he could meet in person. I suggested he look at their online ratings and feedback when deciding on a staffing service. I explained the misconception that staffing firms only place for temporary roles. We discussed how a staffing firm will be able to sell him as an applicant and person, not just a piece of paper. Nashville is so big, I said it would make sense to contact more than one agency.

What is Ghosting?

There were two questions he asked that really stood out, and inspired this blog. He asked “What am I supposed to do when I know during the interview I don’t want the job?” and “What should I do when I receive an offer and I don’t want to accept it?” In true sales fashion I replied “What have you been doing when you get an offer you don’t really want?” His reply was “I don’t call them back.” It was in that moment I realized that not all candidates are “ghosting” because they don’t care. Some are “ghosting” because they just don’t know, plain and simple.

Make Options Clear To Your Candidates To Reduce Ghosting

I explained to this new professional that he should be calling back, declining the offer, and sharing what he is looking for. I said “it is quite possible they like you as a candidate and have something else open that you are a better fit for that you are not even aware of. They may also have something open down the road that is a better fit and you will want them to call you.” It was like a light bulb went off in that Lyft. He said “you are right, I never even thought about that before.”

Although my husband stayed quiet and smiled the whole ride I think he enjoyed the exchange. Before getting out of our Lyft the driver thanked me and said “I feel like I should be paying you!” I wished him “good luck.”




ghosting, Are Your Candidates Ghosting?

Sarah joined Celebrity Staff in January 2013 as is currently a Senior Account Manager. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Sarah had a successful 17 year banking career, working her way up from teller to branch manager. Sarah discovered right away she enjoyed the recruiting and staffing industry and has the natural ability to match clients with employees. Sarah’s enjoyment in the industry comes from knowing that she is making a difference every day in people’s lives. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family, running, and camping.



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