New Jobs Made Less Scary

New Jobs Made Less Scary

The time has come where many people my age are graduating from college and starting their job search and their first post-college position. They’re about to be catapulted into the working world and I wanted to shed some newly gained knowledge on the subject. I’ve been in the professional world for all of four months, however, I have learned SO much in this short time. I want to give a few tips and tricks from my personal experience and help people navigate this new phase of life. In the event of starting a new job, here’s what you should do:

Ask Questions
Being new to a job, you’re EXPECTED to have questions – ASK! Do not assume that your manager or a teammate is “too busy” to help you. Never feel dumb for asking for help or clarification, in fact it will probably help you learn faster by asking someone else. And, as it’s always said, “There are no stupid questions” applies here. You are brand new to a job; your manager is not expecting you to have all of the answers. I promise you, you’ll be glad you asked instead of trying to figure it out yourself. Asking the question shows you care about doing your job correctly.

Be Willing
Do this in all aspects of a new job. Be willing to learn, willing to try new things, willing to think critically, willing to CHANGE and adapt if needed. This shows your flexibility and helps establish you as a go-to newbie! You are fresh out of college, your employer wants to know the applicable things you’ve learned and hey, it might just be a fresh new change from what they’ve been doing! Being willing to jump in and offer a fresh new perspective is a positive thing.

Keep an Open Mind
You are entering a multi-generational workforce, so it is imperative to open your mind and accept other points of view or ideas. People say millennials are good at acceptance and going with the flow, but I don’t want to generalize all millennials. This is just a friendly reminder to those who may not fit the “mold” to keep an open mind. Keeping a positive attitude and open mind will help you make great strides in both your work life and personal life.

Be Confident
Be confident in yourself and your abilities. YOU secured the interview, YOU were one of the top applicants, and overall, YOU were the candidate they chose! How cool is that?!? Start the first day with confidence, even if it’s an entry level position. Even if you’re totally unsure of your knowledge and abilities or if you’re not a confident person to begin with, BE CONFIDENT. In a recent meeting, one of my managers said, “Instead of saying ‘Fake it til you make it’ say ‘Fake it til you become it.’” I know a trait like confidence is hard to learn, but “Fake it til you become it.” Offer that suggestion in the staff meeting. Write up a proposal for a way to make the system more efficient. Be confident.

I hope these suggestions help you to be eager to start a new position! These tips can also be applied to anyone starting a new position in general, as they’re applicable to many situations.

New Jobs Made Less ScaryLaura Branting graduated from University of Nebraska-Omaha in December 2016 with a degree in Communication Studies. She joined Celebrity Staff’s Lincoln team as a Staffing Assistant in January 2017. She enjoys this position because it allows her to help people. In her free time, Laura enjoys making DIY projects, using her creativity through her work as a nail technician, and spending time with her boyfriend and her family.

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