Number Your Way to a Better Resume

Number Your Way to a Better Resume

I’ve never been a fast reader. In high school English classes, my classmates were always chapters ahead of me while I read thoroughly to comprehend every single line. “Just skim it!” they would say. But I wanted to understand the big picture. Luckily, I received A’s, but my skimming classmates didn’t fare so well.

When I began my career with Celebrity Staff, I distinctly remember shadowing a co-worker while he was reviewing a few resumes, deciding who to call first. He had about five resumes pulled up between his two monitors, and those memories of high school English class came back up. “How can recruiters read through all of those words so quickly?”

Guess what. We don’t. Turns out, skimming is a technique that I, the “read every single line” girl, use every day as a recruiter. Don’t let that frighten you, though. Allow me to let you in on a little secret I like to call NUMBERS!

Numbers. Think about it. When you’re reading a bill, do you look at the words first or at how much money you owe? When you’re looking at details for an event, do you read the words first or the time and date? When you’re looking at 10 resumes, do you read the words first or is your eye drawn toward the number of employees a candidate managed?

Okay, so if you’re not a recruiter you probably aren’t reading resumes, but you get the point. Knowing that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes daily, why not provide some cold hard evidence of your work performance? You worked hard for those numbers, so show them off!

For example:

“Increased department sales by 30% within one year of service”

“Sold $500,000 worth of products between 2016 and 2017”

“Hired and trained 15 employees”

“Managed 20 subordinates”

You get the idea. Did your eye immediately draw to the numbers in this blog post? If so, it’s time to check your resume to see where you can add in some cold hard numbers.

Number Your Way to a Better ResumeMargaret Moburg
Margaret is a Minnesota native, but after graduating from Drake University in 2015, she couldn’t imagine calling anywhere but Des Moines home. She worked at an advertising agency for two years after graduation, but wanted a position that fulfilled her desire to be of service to others. She joined the Celebrity Staff team in April 2017 as a recruiter, and works out of our Des Moines office. Margaret enjoys watching live music, taking road trips in her RV, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Hunter, and their dog, Max. She is an Ambassador for the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, serves as the Foundation Advisor for her sorority, Delta Gamma, and enjoys volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club and the Food Bank of Iowa in her spare time. If you’re searching for your next position in the Des Moines market, feel free to reach out to Margaret at or at 515-309-3533 x 2014.

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