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How Do I Retain Employees After Maternity Leave?

However, for the returning employee, this can be a difficult time.  They’re tired, stressed, and getting very little sleep. They may not like the way they look, and they probably haven’t worn “real” clothes in weeks.  If they’re like me, they spent the first day drive to work crying, feeling guilty, and already missing their baby.  But now, they’re expected to walk in the door and get back to work.

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A Day In The Life of A Staffing Firm Recruiter

I am asked this question almost daily, “What do you do all day in your job” etc. My short version answer to that is; I am engaged with people 100% of the day whether that is clients, job seekers or internal co-workers. I am connecting with people daily and helping them succeed whether that is by understanding their goals and finding the perfect career path or speaking with employers to find the best possible talent and culture match for their team.

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How Much Experience Do I Actually Need Before I Apply?

We hope this blog gives you a few ideas on how you can leverage your current job or future internship to help you land a new position! There are many ways to find the right fit for you, your skills, and your experience. At the end of the day, although we took vastly different approaches we both working here at Celebrity Staff. We both are in roles that are fulfilling to us.  This applies beyond the soon to be graduates, we believe that knowing how to leverage your past skills is a vital element to successfully searching for a job no matter what. So taking a few moments to inventory your experiences and highlight what you are bringing to a prospective employer is a smart tactic for any job seeker!

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Transitioning from College to Corporate America

Now, you will be prepared to successfully start your career in corporate America. Just kidding, I wish it worked that way. This process can be different for everyone not just college students; for me, learning to be confident in what I already know and who I have on my side propelled me to where I am today. What else can you share with the soon to be college graduates who are ready to take that next step in their professional careers?

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