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Never Underestimate First Impressions

One of my favorite recent commercials, a true piece of marketing genius, is the popular “talking stain” commercial advertising Tide’s stain-removal prowess. It features a man engaged in a job interview who is sporting a coffee stain on his very white dress shirt. The stain is so large and obvious that it distracts the interviewer to the point where all of his words sound like babble.

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The Search for Talent Starts Now

We beat the competition by being faster, better, and stronger. We break through barriers by thinking creatively, being prepared, and proactively addressing potential problems that haven’t even happened yet. As a professional recruiter, the one area I see this competitive thought process break down is in the talent search and management process. In the last nine years, I have interacted with hundreds of businesses and in most cases, the search for talent only begins when someone vacates a position. The extent of the search is typically ad placement and internal referrals.

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Ace Your Next Job Interview

So, you’re a recent graduate? Recently unemployed? Looking for work? You’re like thousands of others. Unless, you’ve been living in a hole….under a rock….or on another planet, you know that the job market is ultra-competitive thanks to the worst financial crisis in 80 years and a 9.5 percent unemployment rate. Job hunting is a full-time job in itself, with various stages. Avoid the rejection pile by interviewing like a professional with these tips to land you the gig of your dreams (or at least one that will pay the bills).

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