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How to Get Noticed at Work

Should you sell yourself at work? If you want to move up the corporate ladder and get noticed, then yes you should.

At the end of the day, we’re all salespeople no matter what job we do and in virtually all aspects of our life. We sell ourselves to potential employers, potential customers, potential significant others, and potential friends.

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7 Simple LinkedIn Dos & Don’ts is a professional networking resource that continues to evolve since its inception nearly seven years ago. Having a LinkedIn profile is a “must have” in 2010 and a few simple reminders on how to effectively use the tool can go a long way toward projecting the image you want to portray to existing and potential contacts/colleagues.

We’ve all heard that you can’t undo a bad first impression — that’s true online as well as in person. Here are seven basic tips to help your LinkedIn profile put its best foot forward:

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Working with a Staffing Partner is Smart Business

Businesses of all sizes have made changed and sacrifices to endure the economic fallout experienced during the last 24 months. Cutting costs makes sense from a management perspective with corporate down-sizing, layoffs, and outsourcing of positions. Expectations have risen to do more with less, but “running lean” takes a toll on the human factor, the people talent. Today’s economic climate forces businesses and organizations to make tough choices concerning its employees – which are both one of its greatest assets and its biggest expenses.

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Love your Job

Last night I had an hour-long conversation about teeth. Teeth and the current happenings in the dental world, actually. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the first conversation about teeth that I’ve had. I can’t pretend it’s the most interesting topic ever, but during this conversation, I was riveted.

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Never Underestimate First Impressions

One of my favorite recent commercials, a true piece of marketing genius, is the popular “talking stain” commercial advertising Tide’s stain-removal prowess. It features a man engaged in a job interview who is sporting a coffee stain on his very white dress shirt. The stain is so large and obvious that it distracts the interviewer to the point where all of his words sound like babble.

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