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Keep it Cool at a Busy Front Desk

Running a front desk can be challenging! If you work for a company that has a lot of interpersonal interaction over the phone and in person, it can be a constant exercise in patience, attitude, prioritizing, and time management. It seems that everything happens at once at a busy front desk and that you rarely get the opportunity to take one task at a time. Here are some solutions for managing tasks and setting priorities so that everything gets completed and a high level of customer service is maintained.

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Protecting Your Firm from Unemployment Liability

In the real world of business, turn over happens. Whether you cut ties with an under performing employee, experience layoffs within your company, or a star performer decides to join the competition or move across the country, turn over happens. Along with the expense of hiring and training new employees comes an expense that many companies can avoid, unemployment liability. Especially in economic times where every sale matters and every expense is scrutinized, it is the time now to get knowledgeable and start protecting the assets of your firm.

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